SA Tech Equipment Rental Request

By completing this form you agree to abide by the terms and to pay any fees imposed written below in the rental agreement.

Rental Agreement


  • Equipment must be picked up from SA Tech Technical Director (TD) and returned to SA Tech Technical Director by requesting organization. Failure to comply with this will result in an additional $25 fee.
  • All requests must be made at least 3 days prior to the pick-up date. Any request received within 3 days of the pick up date will be charged a $25 rush fee.
  • Due to limited amounts of equipment SA Tech reserves the right to refuse rentals when deemed necessary.
  • Equipment not returned within 15 mintues of the agreed upon return time, unless otherwise notified, will automatically be charged a wait-time surcharge of an additional day’s rental fee.

  • A late fee of an additional days rental charge will be applied to any rental for every day that it is late.

  • Requesting organizations will be held responsible for all damaged and missing equipment. This includes the payment of the replacement costs as determined by the SA Tech Technical Directors.
  • SA Tech is not liable for any injuries or damages that occur due to improper use while equipment is in possession of requesting organization.
  • Any training deemed necessary by SA Technical Directors must be completed prior to the equipment being turned over to the organization.