I have read and understand the terms of service outlined in the "About SA Tech" section of the web page. (*Terms of Service have been updated) Yes
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Location of Event:
Rain Location (if applicable):
Event Date:
Event Start Time:
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Before completing the more specific questions below, please provide a general description of your event.
Have you reserved space via Campus Scheduling and Special Events? Yes
Campus Scheduling Confirmation Number:
Is this a VIP event? Yes
How many performers/speakers/band members are there for your event?
Will you be using the lectern? Yes
If yes, where should the lectern be placed?
Do you need microphones? Yes
If yes, what is the total number of microphones needed?
How many of these microphones need to be wireless handheld microphones?
How many of these microphones need to be lapel/lavalier microphones?
Do you need audio monitors? Yes
If yes, how many monitors do you need?
Are you showing a VHS or DVD? (Note: SA Tech is not responsible for the quality of the VHS or DVD provided. Please review your media prior to the event to ensure that it works properly.) VHS
Are you using PowerPoint? (Note: You must supply your own laptop and SA Tech is not responsible for ensuring that your computer software will work with our technical equipment. If you would like a technician to be on hand for any potential computer-related issues, please contact CIT.) Yes
If you are using PowerPoint, does your presentation have sound? Yes
Do you need a CD player? (Note: SA Tech is not responsible for the quality of CDs provided and cannot guarantee that burned CDs will play properly.) Yes
Do you need spotlights? Yes
If yes, do you have volunteers to run the spotlights? (Note: Volunteers must go through a brief training either during the full tech rehearsal or on the day of show, whichever is applicable, with the technician working the event.) Yes
Do you need a sound check? Yes
If yes, what time is the sound check?
Will you be having rehearsals that require full tech? Yes
If yes, please provide dates and times.
Will CIT be recording/videotaping the event? (Note: SA Tech is not responsible for coordinating recording/videotaping with CIT. You must contact CIT directly for this service.) Yes
Do you need music stands? Yes
If yes, how many music stands do you need?
Do you need portable staging for your event? (Note: By indicating yes, you agree to provide at least five individuals to help with set-up and tear-down of the staging and understand that if you do not provide this assistance you will be charged a fee of $150.) Yes
What size staging is needed? (Staging decks are 8'long by 4'wide.)
How will the staging be set up?
Do you need an estimate? Yes

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