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Good Writing

what is good writing?

audience and purpose


care and imagination

lucidity, simplicity, directness

myths about good writing

Writing and Convention

conventions of writing

formal and informal writing

research and writing

writing in a discipline

grammar and usage

common errors

The Process of Writing

outside the classroom

inside the classroom

Citation Styles

mla | apa | acs




world wide words

english grammar

geoff nunberg

more writing sites

new! the guide wiki

about the guide

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Other writing sites

You will find many sites on the Web that provide writing help more general or more specialized than the help contained in The Guide. We've linked to a small number of these sites here. We encourage you to explore them and to search for others. We strongly discourage you from searching the Web for papers written by others. Using the work of another student writer - or any other writer - without attribution is plagiarism, an offense that could lead to your dismissal from the College.

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