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Requesting Accommodations

SUNY Geneseo will coordinate reasonable accommodations and auxiliary aids and services for persons with documented physical, emotional, or cognitive disabilities in order to provide equal access to the learning and living environment. 

The Office of Accessibility reviews requests for reasonable accommodations on a case-by-base basis. Final determination of accommodations will be made by the Assistant Dean of Accessibility after engaging in an interactive process with the student, which includes an interview with the student and review of relevant documentation. Academic accommodations may include:

  • Alternative testing (e.g., extended time, distraction-reduced environment)
  • Note taking
  • Sign language or oral interpreting
  • Relocation of a class to an accessible location, and access to accessible furniture
  • Access to alternative format texts and other accessible course materials
  • Access to assistive technologies

It is the responsibility of the College to provide the accommodation, aid, or service, or find a reasonable alternative that will allow the student full participation unless the request is determined to be unreasonable, is a fundamental alteration of the college program, or will impose an undue hardship on the College. Students must be able to meet the College’s qualifications and essential technical, academic, and institutional standards with reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services.

Student Responsibilities

At the college level, students are responsible for self-identifying as a student with a disability in need of accommodations, auxiliary aids and services. Requests should be made within a reasonable time frame (i.e., four weeks’ notice) to ensure that the Office of Accessibility Services has sufficient time to evaluate the request, determine the accommodation or aid, and identify sources for obtaining it (purchasing, leasing, hiring, etc). Late requests cannot be guaranteed but will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and provided as possible under the circumstances. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Office of Accessibility Services if the student requires a change in their accommodation plan. To ensure accountability, requests should be made in writing and the student should keep a copy for his or her records. Accommodation requests and supporting documentation are confidential information and will not be released without the individual's written consent. Please review FERPA policy for more information.

For more information on student rights and responsibilities within the college environment, visit the U.S. Department of Education website.