Dedicated To A
Spirit of Service

Several years ago we adopted Dedicated To A Spirit of Service as our Division's motto. We take that seriously, for we recognize that we do not exist as an entity unto ourselves, but rather to facilitate the main functions of the College: teaching, learning, research and public service. In a sense, we are the tracks on which the train of the College rides.

We are also dedicated to providing quality service. The College's Continuous Quality Improvement Program (CQUIP) began with teams in the Student Accounts and Receiving and Delivery Departments. Since inception of the College quality program, every department in the Division has undertaken quality improvement projects leading to improved service and a reduction in paperwork and complexity. 

Ultimately, service without a good understanding of customers' needs and desires is neither good nor quality service. We understand that our mission is to provide our customers, be they students, faculty, employees or campus visitors what they need to make their time on campus as effective and enjoyable as possible.