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Area Access Manager


SUNY Geneseo's Area Access Manager is a secure web application that enables departments to self-manage electronic access.

Departments discuss needs with us, we create "Access Levels" that meet those needs and departments can then assign those Access Levels to individuals.

An "Access Level" is a group of one or more doors paired with day/time constraints. An example would be "External public doors of Brodie 9am-9pm weekdays and noon-9pm Sat & Sundays. "

Getting Started

Area Access Manager is a web application that is compatible with most internet browsers. You need an account set up before signing on. Accounts are available for faculty & staff here at Geneseo. Usually, we work with a single contact in each department but we are flexible with that. Please get in touch.

Departmental Access Coordinators

The following staff members have been trained on Area Access Manager and can assist their departments with access.

Department Name
Admissions Lisa Bishop
Anthropology Beverly Rex-Burley
Athletics George Gagnier
Biology Yvonne Mehlenbacker
Chemistry Lani Helmer
CIT Rachel Beck
Communications Noreen Mazurowski
Communications WGSU Michael Saffran
English Michelle Feeley
Geography Mary Kuhn
Geology Laurie Montgomery
History Beverly Rex-Burley
Music Tammy Farrell
Physics Jamie Gregg
Psychology Monica Morris
Sociology Joyce Peter


Common Questions

Q. When I assign access how long does it take to go into effect.
A. For exterior doors it is in place immediately. Offline doors inside the ISC and inside a handful of other buildings need to be manually uploaded and we will walk you through how that works. WiFi readers take no more than 24 hours

Q. What if I can't find a cardholder in Area Access Manager
A. If the badge is not active the person will not appear in your search. There are a variety of reasons an individual's badge can be deactivated, please get in touch with us and we can look into it for you.

Q. I'm working remotely and am having trouble connecting to Area Access Manager
A. You may need to be logged into your Geneseo VPN. Questions or assistance with VPN can be directed to CIT.