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Area Access Manager


SUNY Geneseo's Area Access Manager is a secure web application that enables departments to self-manage electronic access.

Departments discuss needs with us, we create "Access Levels" that meet those needs and departments can then assign those Access Levels to individuals.

An "Access Level" is a group of one or more doors paired with day/time constraints. An example would be "External public doors of Brodie 9am-9pm weekdays and noon-9pm Sat & Sundays. "

Getting Started

Area Access Manager is a web application that is compatible with most internet browsers. You do need an account set up before signing on. Accounts are available for faculty & staff here at Geneseo. Usually, we work with a single contact in each department but we are flexible with that. Please get in touch.

Area Access Manager News

Aug 17 - One less password! Area Access Manager is now linked with your geneseo sign on. So "" will sign on with the user name "haley" and your Geneseo network/email password. 


Common Questions

Q. When I assign access how long does it take to go into effect.
A. For exterior doors it is in place immediately. Offline doors inside the ISC and inside a handful of other buildings need to be manually uploaded and we will walk you through how that works. WiFi readers take no more than 24 hours

Q. What if I can't find a cardholder in Area Access Manager
A. If the badge is not active the person will not appear in your search. There are a variety of reasons an individual's badge can be deactivated, please get in touch with us and we can look into it for you.