Key Lock Box


The lock box is a secured cabinet with the ability to store secured key rings. The key rings are inserted into key-ways in the box. The ability to remove an specific key chain is controlled by permissions very similar to card access. So when a specific employee scans their ID to open the cabinet, only those key rings they have permissions for are able to be removed.

Programming can be included to notify specific people of events for specific key chains - like remove or over due status.

The vendor offers a variety of cabinets that function in a similar fashion for other uses.

Design Goals

  • Lockbox mounted to wall with keys secured in it
  • Lockbox software integrated with BASIS Card Access System. Hoping¬†to manage fulling through BASIS.
  • Training for Facilities on how to configure key ring permissions
  • Documentation on how to roll out additional lock boxes
  • Virtual server for application and database (MS SQL)


  • CIT
  • Facilities Planning
  • Facilities Services
  • University Police Department