I can't get in!

SUNY Geneseo uses card access locks on the exterior of all residence halls, some academic buildings and interior spaces used by Biology, Chemistry, CIT, Communications, Computer Science, Geography, Geological Sciences, and Physics.

These locks use your Geneseo ID card as a key to those spaces. Your card is actually three credentials used with different locks. It has a proximity number (first five on bottom of back of card), an ISO number (last 8 on front of card) and residents in Erie, Saratoga and Seneca have an additional number encoded on the card for room access.

Here are some helpful tips you can use to help us help you.

Has someone granted you access?

An authorized designee (ex: Department Chair, Secretary, Professor) for that specific area has to let Administrative Systems know that you are authorized for this area. Authorizations can be restricted by date (ex: not after Dec 15th) and/or time (ex: access between 7am and 11pm only). The departmental Secretary should have an up to date listing showing the proximity number we have on record as well as activation / expiration dates.

Please note that Residence Life grants 24 access to your own residence hall and daytime access to all other Residence Halls if you are a resident. Off campus students do not have access to residence halls. Access is also suspended during certain college breaks.


Do we have the right proximity number?

The proximity number is the first 5 digits at the very bottom on the back of your ID card. If you are issued a new card, you have a new proximity number. CAS is very good about updating the system, but the locks are not themselves automatically updated.

If your name is in black font on your ID card, it is an older card not compatible with the new ssytem,. Please go to CAS to have a new ID Card issued.


Is your card working?

If the lock is not displaying a green or a red lock - not reacting in any way, it may not be reading your card. Proximity cards are more robust than magnetic stripe cards but they still can stop functioning. Damage to the card such as holes, bends or scratches can impair its functionality. CAS can both test a card’s functionality and issue a replacement card if need be. There may be a charge.


Is the lock responding to your card?

Occasionally locks are non-functional. Online readers are very reliable and rarely go offline. Stand alone readers locked inside Erie, Seneca, ISC, South, Fraser or Blake; plus the readers on Saratoga Townhouses, use batteries and occasionally will fail without notice. A dead lock is just that - dead. No sign of life as in no lights or noises being emitted. Let us know, this is a quick fix.



Can I get locked in?

No where on the Geneseo Campus do we have a card access lock on a door that is secured only from the outside. Fire code dictates that every room on campus has free egress. You can not be locked in with a card access reader.