Web Presence


CIT uses a "Content Management System (CMS)" for the design and maintenance of our departmental web sites. You will sometimes hear it mentioned as "Drupal" - which is the product we use. A Content Management System offers many benefits to departments. My favorite is that it eliminates the middleman from getting your departments content viewable on your website. With a few minutes of training you can manage your own web sites without any high end technical skills. If you can use a word processor like MS Word, then you can use a Content Management System.

Using the Content Management System also offers pre made professional design and formatting that is consistent across the entire SUNY Geneseo dot edu website. Your viewers will be familiar with your site even before they see it if they visit other Geneseo departmental web sites.

Plus it is already small screen friendly. This "responsive web design" approach will keep your content attractive and usable on tablets, phones and smaller screens popular with modern web users. I believe this is a much safer/easier/cheaper approach compared to developing phone specific 'Apps'.

Services We Offer

We can show you how to use Drupal, or make changes to your site for you in many cases. Occasionally, we run across content that does not benefit from Drupal as much as regular pages. In these cases we can automate some of the process for you.

Current Projects 

  • Automation of repetitive dynamic content on websites
  • Self submission of staff photos for staff listings on websites within Facilities Services