Geneseo Access Control 

Spring 2022


  • Campus buildings will be unlocked during operational hours.
  • Spring 2022 Fall line up! Students Aria Elling and Roseangel Pacheco are working with John Haley in the Administrative Systems office this year.


The Card Access office assists a wide variety of departments and individuals on campus to optimize their access to campus space and resources. Services that we offer include the overall administration of the installed software and hardware, scheduling, managing of permissions (who gets in where when) and support.

We work closely with CAS, Residence Life, Campus Scheduling & Special Events, CIT, Facilities Planning, Facilities Services, and University Police Department to manage this service to the entire campus. 

Currently, there are online card readers on the exterior of every building on campus with the exception of Blake Hall. Additionally, we have readers inside Bailey, Blake, Clark, Doty, Erie, the ISC, Letchworth, Monroe, Ontario, RJ, Seneca, and South Hall.

Building Operational Schedules

Building hours listed on this page. Each building follows a pre-set operational schedule. These schedules change for different times of the year, breaks and holidays. It is our job to keep the building schedules in sync with campus operational needs.


Working closely with Campus Scheduling & Special Events we adjust building schedules to support special events on campus. This includes both the public exterior doors as well as interior space in some of our buildings.

The best way to get started with a special event opening is to work with the Campus Scheduling & Special Event office. They are very adept at translating your needs into instructions for us.

Quick Links

Services We Offer

  • Scheduling normal building hours
  • Area Access Manager support
  • Permissions for faculty & staff
  • Academic permissions for students
  • Maintenance, support & troubleshooting
  • Planning
  • Security

Current Projects

  • WiFi lock support
  • Lock box testing
  • Area Access Manager Training
  • Data Integration with BANNER