The Department of Chemistry at Geneseo provides an opportunity for you to learn and grow in an environment dedicated to small classes and personalized attention. You'll be enriched by close contact with faculty through joint student-faculty research projects and group presentations. Laboratory experiences will allow additional time for you to learn and explore.

Undergraduate Programs of Study
The chemistry program at Geneseo is accredited by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemistry Society (ACS). The accreditation of the program is based upon careful study and evaluation of the curriculum, quality of chemical education, faculty and staff, facilities, and departmental organization. Approval and periodic reviews of the Department's professional program in chemistry attest to its continuing academic soundness in times of rapid change.

The chemistry ACS-BS program includes 50-58 semester hours of study in chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Students can also choose the BA option as preparation for adolescent certification or advanced studies in pharmacy, forensic science, law or business. In addition, a 22 hour minor in chemistry is available. Appropriate high school preparation should include a full year of study in both chemistry and physics and a strong mathematics background.

Other Program Options
Students have the option of obtaining a chemical engineering degree. The cooperative engineering program allows you to complete a three year program in liberal arts at Geneseo before entering a two year chemical engineering program at Clarkson University, Columbia University, Syracuse University, or SUNY Buffalo. Upon completion of the 3-2 program, you receive the B.A. degree from Geneseo and the B.S. degree in chemical engineering from the cooperating institution.

The Department of Chemistry also participates in a combined program with the Department of Biology offering a degree in biochemistry. In addition, a program offering a degree in geochemistry has been developed in cooperation with the Department of Geological Sciences.


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