3/4 Dentistry Program with the University Center at Buffalo (UB)


Enrolling at Geneseo in our 3/4 Dentistry Program with the University Center at Buffalo’s (UB) School of Dental Medicine will allow you to receive your D.D.S Degree in an accelerated 7 years, rather than the typical 8 year period.


If you are accepted into this Program, you will major in Biology at Geneseo for 3 years, after which you will transfer to UB for 4 additional years of study. Following your first year of studies at UB, Geneseo will award you a BS degree in Biology – effectively giving you credit for your first year of dental school toward your BS degree.


To apply, simply complete either the preferred Common Application ( www.commonapp.org ) or the SUNY Application. Be sure to clearly indicate that you wish to be considered for the 3/4 Dentistry Program with UB on either application. The deadline for submission of all application materials to Geneseo is January 1, 2016 – therefore, we recommend you begin the application process 4-6 weeks prior to that deadline.


Admission decisions from Geneseo for 3/4 Dental majors are all rendered on February 1, 2016. At that time, if you are admitted to Geneseo, and you meet the requirements set by UB to be further considered for the 3/4 Program, specific information about the application and interview process at UB will be included in your admission offer from Geneseo. Be sure to look for this important information at that time.


For more information about the application process, click here, or contact the Admissions Office at 866-245-5211.


To learn more about the Biology department, click here.