The Study of History
A major reason for studying history is to train citizens for the future by providing a foundation through knowledge of the past
and its contributions toward a sensitive understanding of the present. No other academic discipline offers such a broad perspective of the human experience as does history. In many ways, history is the most inclusive and wide-ranging of intellectual pursuits. Furthermore, no other discipline offers more to those who take seriously one of the central purposes of humanistic studies: to educate an informed, thinking, and aware citizenry capable of meeting the challenges of the new century.

Those who major in history at Geneseo are provided a unique opportunity to study in an environment that combines instruction by highly trained and productive faculty with a local setting rich in historical color and events. Aside from its inspiring panorama, the Genesee Valley reflects the broad currents of the American historical experiences. From its Iroquois villages of the Colonial Era, to General Sullivan's expedition into the region during the Revolution, and the anti-slavery movement, Geneseo's own history continues to illuminate the forces that did so much to shape the modern world. Students who desire to understand that world more fully will not find a better place to do so than at Geneseo.

To those who seek the fullest experience of humanistic education, Geneseo's Department of History offers a wide range of possibilities. Our program provides opportunities to study the history of the United States, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, or the great traditions of Western Europe. Courses that incorporate state and local history give you a chance to sample American History firsthand through visits to museums and historical societies and field trips through a region rich in historic sites and artifacts. At the same time, a wide range of course options permit you to investigate the nation and the world with the objective of acquiring a broader perspective of society and human nature.

A distinguished faculty brings the historical experience to life through lectures, discussions, and seminar techniques. In addition, you can pursue an individual interest through independent study and a wide range of internships.


At Geneseo, you may obtain a liberal arts degree in history or earn certification in elementary or secondary education social studies with a concentration in history.

The following is a course outline of the basic requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in History:

Basic Requirements   38-41 semester hours*

Interpretations in History                       4
Research in History                               4
Senior Experience:                             3-6
Senior Seminar:
        OR Honors Research/Writing*
        OR Senior Essay

Other history courses are also required, including 27 hours at various levels. For more specific information regarding course requirements, please consult our Undergraduate Bulletin or visit our History Department web page.

*Students who enroll in the Departmental Honors program will complete 41 hours in history.