The mathematics program at Geneseo is designed to provide a solid foundation in mathematics through a wide spectrum of course offerings. Our program serves the needs of students pursuing graduate study as well as professions in teaching, commerce and industry.

The mathematics major at Geneseo builds upon a background in precalculus. Therefore, to consider this program, you should have the four year high school mathematics sequence that includes algebra, geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus. The mathematics program can be combined with a second major or minor (e.g. physics, computer science) depending on your interests and goals. For specific information regarding course requirements, please refer to either our Undergraduate Bulletin or visit the Mathematics Department website.

Program Options
Teaching Certification: You may elect to take a combination of courses in mathematics and education that will lead to provisional certification in Childhood or Adolescent education in New York State. Included in these programs is a semester of student teaching in one or two of the area's public schools.

Honors Program:
Mathematics majors in the Edgar Fellows Program pursue an in-depth study of an area of mathematics with seminar work under the guidance of a faculty member. The culmination of the work is represented in a research/expository paper.

Honors Thesis/Research in Mathematics:
This option is for majors demonstrating outstanding ability in mathematics. Independent research directed by a Department faculty member may be undertaken resulting in a written thesis and a presentation at a Department colloquium, student symposium or other approved forum.

Mathematics Learning Center:
The Department runs the Mathematics Learning Center which is supervised by a faculty member and staffed by upper level math students. The purpose of the Center is to provide tutoring to those students in introductory math courses at no additional cost. Located within the Center are several computers which are used for demonstrations and practice.