Name: Nikolay Clark
Hometown: Kenmore, NY. Originally I am from Russia and this is my 9th year in America
Class: 2013
Major(s): Accounting and International Relations
Activities: GOLD Leader Mentor, Alpha Kappa Psi (The Professional Business Fraternity) Founding Father and current Brother, Lobby Host, Tour Guide and Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) Honor Society.
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Why did you choose Geneseo?
First reason, Geneseo is a great town with beautiful scenery and a welcoming community. Second reason, Geneseo has strong and challenging academics with small classes and I am not a number but an individual here. The last reason I chose Geneseo is because it offers great leadership and self-development opportunities.

Which building on campus do you like the most and why?
The Student Union is my favorite building. It is the heart of Geneseo! Great study areas, Starbucks, recreation area, student organizations and many other activities.

What is your favorite food on the dining hall menu?
Chicken cob panini sandwich from Books and Bytes. Also, self-serve soft ice cream in Letchworth Dining Hall.

Who is your favorite Geneseo professor?
Dr. Linda Ware has opened my mind, encourages me and has made me think about disability (ability) from many different angles and point of views. I have taken the basic INTD 105 class "Disability in America" and WMST 201 "Gender & Disability: Bodies that Matter" classes with her. I have learned the definition of "ableism" as it relates to understanding disability in American society and at institutions like Geneseo. What I love about Dr. Ware's classes is that they are all discussion-based, she does not put down her students' opinions and, in the process, teaches the understanding of disability as a richly complex human experience that goes beyond the typical tropes of tragedy, cure, and care.

What are your plans after Geneseo?
I plan to go for a Masters in Accounting. I would love to do international business, in particular auditing. I hope to get a job with a large corporation or with the U.S. government.