Medical schools are looking for something that Geneseo produces: bright students with strong liberal arts backgrounds. In the past 20 years, Geneseo students have been very successful in achieving admission to top medical schools. Pre-Medical Studies refers to your intention to pursue a medical degree after completing your baccalaureate program.


Although many students assume they must major in biology, medical schools report that the choice of major has no bearing on acceptance. Medical schools want "well-rounded" students with intellectual skills, including analytical science skills, that will prepare them for medical school courses. Since medical schools require an outstanding academic performance in college, and since you tend to perform best in areas that are of most interest to you, we encourage you to select the major that satisfies your personal intellectual goals.

While pursuing your major area of interest, you must complete the core of courses listed below that satisfy the requirements of most medical schools and also prepare yourself for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).

General Biology I and II with Labs;
General Chemistry I and II with Labs;
Organic Chemistry I and II with Labs;
Physics I and II with Labs;
Two English courses
Introductory courses in Psychology and Sociology

Some medical schools require two courses in college level mathematics, and a few specify calculus or statistics.
To be accepted into medical school you must do more than be an outstanding student. You need to be an active presence on campus and you need to demonstrate a genuine interest in the medical field. The many clubs, organizations, volunteer programs and other activities present at Geneseo give you a wealth of opportunities to demonstrate your abilities and commitments to others.


Independent Research
One activity that can enhance your application to medical school is completing a significant research project during your undergraduate studies. Geneseo students are particularly fortunate in having a variety of research opportunities available to them. The faculty at Geneseo consider directing student research to be an important component of the quality education offered at the College.

The college sponsors "G.R.E.A.T." day in the spring semester where students from all disciplines can present their independent work and creative talents. Geneseo undergraduates also present their research findings at regional and national meetings. Such experiences add a great deal to medical school applications. Geneseo graduates now in medical school have conducted independent research in a variety of areas, including: electronic music composition, sociology, psychology, geography, organic chemistry, immunology, molecular biology, and plant physiology.