Cooperative MBA Programs with:

• Alfred University
• Clarkson University
• Union
• SUNY Binghamton

"[SUNY Geneseo is] one of the nation's most
selective, highly regarded public colleges."
                                      - The New York Times

This enviable reputation results from many factors that make Geneseo a very special place, not the least of which is an extraordinarily gifted student body. Geneseo students study and live in an idyllic campus environment where creativity, independent thinking and cooperative learning are a way of life.

More than 15 percent of Geneseo's student body, or roughly 820 students, are enrolled in programs housed in the School of Business. Our primary objective in the Business School is to provide high quality teaching and learning experiences. We do this with an outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, extensive extracurricular opportunities for student participation and leadership, and, most importantly, with classes that stress active, student-centered learning.

The School of Business offers three distinctive undergraduate majors to meet the varied needs and interests of our students. The economics major is described in a separate brochure.

The accounting major provides a thorough understanding of modern accounting principles and procedures within the broader context of a quality undergraduate liberal arts education.

As an accounting major at Geneseo, you are not just taught accounting; rather, you learn to think critically about and do accounting through numerous individual and group decision-making projects, case analyses, writing and speaking assignments, and independent research projects. Through the student-run Accounting Society, you will also have extensive opportunities to meet accounting professionals from many area firms and benefit from their programs, advice and job networks. Further, our fifth year Master of Science in Accounting provides a pathway for those accounting graduates interested in sitting for the CPA exam. As a result of this commitment to excellence in accounting education, our accounting graduates have enjoyed remarkable success.

Business Administration
If you think about it, most professional people end up managing some combination of people, projects, timetables, deadlines and budgets. In fact, the vast majority of private organizations that visit our campus to recruit Geneseo graduates are looking to fill some type of management related position. The Geneseo business administration program is designed for those who want to lead and make decisions, rather than follow and implement the decisions of others.

As a business administration major you will first develop your critical thinking skills through a broad liberal arts core and exposure to principles of accounting, economics, mathematics, ethics and law. You then become actively involved in decision-making areas such as marketing, human resources, finance, and international business through numerous group presentations, independent research projects, and internships.

You may also choose one of our 4+1 programs that allow you to save a year in earning your MBA degree at Alfred University, Clarkson University, Union, RIT, or SUNY Binghamton.

Co-Curricular Learning Experiences
In the School of Business, you have numerous opportunities to apply and expand your learning outside of the traditional classroom through our internships, student organizations and professional development program.

About two-thirds of our students graduate with at least one internship with an area business or agency. Other students provide managerial assistance for actual small businesses through our Entrepreneurship class. Still others work with our Survey Research Center in designing, administering and analyzing surveys for area businesses. Student organizations also provide opportunities for leadership development through programs such as the Student Managed Investment Fund. Further, our professional development program engages all students in activities ranging from interviewing and resume writing to business ethics.

In addition, an increasing number of Business School students are choosing to expand their Geneseo learning experience through study abroad in countries such as Australia, England, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Spain, and Turkey. You may plan to spend a year, a semester, or a summer studying and experiencing another culture.