Transferring into the Transitional Opportunity Program (TOP)

The Transitional Opportunity Program (TOP) is unique to Geneseo, and has been designed by the College in an effort to enhance the diversity of our Community. 

If you fall marginally below our prevailing academic standards, but will add to campus diversity, you may be considered for admission through this Program. We consider the following populations:

  • Applicants who are 25 years or older
  • Recent immigrants who have lived in the United States less than 6 years
  • Applicants from racial/ethnic groups that are underrepresented on campus
  • Applicants that are first generation college students

There is no need to apply for the Program, as all applicants are considered as part of our review process. However, be certain to indicate on your application if you are a member of any of the four groups listed above for full and equal consideration.

  • In addition to providing access to College, the TOP Program offers the following personal and academic support services:
  • A personal advisor whose services are available throughout your undergraduate college career
  • A free, comprehensive tutoring program
  • A workshop series focused on skills needed to succeed in college.


Details about academic criteria for the TOP Program.