U-Knight FAQ


Class Notes

How do I submit a class note?

  • On the left menu, choose Class Notes - Submit.  You can then submit a class note based on a number of categories. U-Knight will automatically create a class note based on the information you provide. You can edit this text as you like and then submit. Your class note will be reviewed by the alumni staff and approved shortly thereafter.

How do I view class notes?

  • The most recent class notes always appear on the My Alumni Page after logging in. Class Notes - Read contains a complete listing of class notes with the most recent at the top and by type of update farther down the page.

Do class notes automatically appear in the scene?

  • By submitting your class note through U-Knight, you are giving the Geneseo Alumni office permission to publish it in the Scene, however, submission is not a guarantee of publishing and is dependent on how much space is available in the magazine and the volume of submissions recieved.

How do I submit the news of the passing of an alum?

  • Please e-mail alumni@geneseo.edu or call 585-245-5506 to request a Memoriam.


Community Registration

What if I search for my name and it doesn't come up?

  • If you search for your full name and it returns no results try searching for just your last name.  If your record is still not there, please email uknight@geneseo.edu.

What if I don't remember my G# Number?

  • You can use our G# lookup tool. The site is completely secure, but if you are uncomfortable giving your information online, other options are available below.

  • You can locate it on the back of your Alumni Scene magazine, in the mailing label. Its the first 8 numbers of the numeric code, so don't include the 9th one!

  • If this still doesn't work, email uknight@geneseo.edu and we will send your G# back via email or call us at 585-245-5506 and we can provide it over the phone.

Can I change my username or password once registered?

  • To change your password use My U-Knight Settings, located on the left navigation menu.

  • You can also request your user name and password if you have forgotten or misplaced it by emailing uknight@geneseo.edu.

  • You can only change your user name by having your profile de-registered and completing the registration process again. To do so simply send an email to uknight@geneseo.edu.

Other registration issues?

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Event Registration

What event registration benefits do I get from being a U-Knight member?

  • Easy forms - your information is already filled out when you open the form, saving you time.

  • Automatically update your profile with new information - new phone number or address? U-Knight registration forms can be used to update profile information, saving even more time.
  • Order tracking - U-Knight members can view all of their event registrations and modify their registration on their own instead of waiting for the alumni office to manually process it.


Jobs and Resumes

Can I only search for jobs that have been posted by Genese alumni?

  • No - membershup in U-Knight gives you access to all the job postings for ALL of the online alumni communities in the Harris Connect network, comprising hundreds of schools and thousands of postings. To see the entire job databse, Click Search Jobs and under the 'find postings from' drop down choose: Other Institutions in the Network.

What is a business listing and how do I create one?

  • Business Listings are a space in U-Knight for you to advertise your business, products and services, provide contact information, and optionally offer alumni discounts. The business listings are shared with not only Geneseo alumni but also all alumni of all institutions using the Harris Connect technology, so they are a great way to gain exposure to a wide audience at no cost to you.
  • To create a business listing, choose business directory and then create a business directory listing.

How do I post a job listing?

  • Use the post a job tool on the sidebar and fill in the required fields, there are some fields that are available for use that are not required.

  • You can blind posting by checking the 'hide company information' box.

How can I search for a candidate based on a certain criteria?

  • Under the post a resume section use the search resumes option which allows you to enter a keyword and search all resumes that have been uploaded in the community.

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Permanent E-mail

What is permanent e-mail forwarding?

  • This feature allows alumni to obtain an @alum.geneseo.edu e-mail address that can be used in lieu of the existing e-mail.

How do I acquire or modify my permanent email?

  • Select Permanent Email. You will need to provide an active email - this will enable emails sent to your Geneseo email address to automatically forward to this account. Be sure that the box  is checked, and click Update Forwarding Info. To change your permanent e-mail you will need to send an e-mail to uknight@geneseo.edu and let us know what you'd like it changed to - unfortunately its not currently possible to change that yourself.

What kind of emails will I receive?

  • Signing up for a permanent Geneseo e-mail does not mean you are signing up to receive additional e-mails from Geneseo. If someone sends an e-mail to your Geneseo e-mail, it will show up in the inbox of the account you forwarded to. Similarly, if you send an e-mail from your Geneseo address and someone replies, it will go to your normal e-mail account.

How do I find out more information?

Is there a way to disable e-mail forwarding?

  • E-mail forwarding is disabled by default, but if you want to de-activate it later, you can.  Choose the Permanent Email option.  Once there check the 'disable my forwarding email until further notice' option.

Searching for Alumni

What if I search for someone and it returns no results?

  • Depending on which criteria you are searching on your results can be broad or narrow. Searching for someone by first or last name will yield the broadest possible pool of results, since U-Knight will find all results that come close to what you typed in. For all other fields such as city, state, degree, greek organization, etc., the results will only show if it is an exact match. So in effect the more criteria you search on at the same time, the less likely you will find the person you are looking for. If you are having trouble finding someone the first thing to do is try just their last name. If that doesn't work, try their maiden name, if they have one. If they don't appear on the lists at this point, it may be that their profile information is incomplete.
  • If you cannot find someone who you know for certain is an alum please contact the alumni office at (585) 245-5506 or by email at alumni@geneseo.edu. While our records are good, they are not perfect, and we appreciate any corrections or updates that you may have for your own or someone else'sinformation inconsistencies. In addition, there are some alumni who have requested to be confidential, and therefore they will not show up in any search results.

What if I search and it tells me that I have too many results to display?

  • There is a maximum limit to how many results will display. If you are exceeding the maximum, try narrowing your search. For example, if you are searching for all alumni in a particular state, perhaps searching by the city will narrow down the search so it can display.

Why can't I get a complete list of contact information from the search results?

  • U-Knight is very intentionally designed as a one-to-one networking tool, with measures in place to respect the privacy of our users. No phone numbers are available, and e-mail addresses are masked to prevent unwanted additions to marketing lists. The Geneseo Alumni office does not provide alumni contact lists unless the alum is serving in the capacity of official business such as reunion class leader, or event/volunteer coordinator.

  • If you are an organizer for a specific Geneseo affinity group and would like to use U-Knight to make sure both your and our contact lists are up to date, please contact us at alumni@geneseo.edu or call 585-245-5506.

Why isn't my group or organization one of the choices?

  • There are many clubs and organizations that do not have any, or have very few (<5) people tagged as members. If you cannot find the group you are interested in please do two things: go to your profile and write in your affinities in the clubs and organizations section, and also email u-knight@geneseo.edu. If there are enough records tagged with a particular group we will add it to the searchable list. We are working at making sure all groups are represented, and appreciate any updates on clubs, sports, and groups you were a part of, as this type of information makes U-Knight that much more useful to everyone!

Can I search for faculty?

  • Yes, faculty and former faculty are searchable in U-Knight, and you can reach out to them through masked e-mail.

Can I search for current students?

  • No, current students are not searchable in U-Knight. Current students and alumni will be able to use a mentorship tool to network with each other - this tool will be available Q2-Q3 2011.

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Updating My Profile

Why can't I change my degree information?

  • The information about your Geneseo degree, major, and minor is locked because to change it requires a formal request to the registrar's office. If you see a discrepency in your Geneseo academic information, please visit the Registrar website or call their office at 585-245-5566.

How do I upload a photo?

  • Select My Alumni Profile
  • In the upper right will be a box that says Add a Photo: click on the box and click on choose file to upload a photo from your computer.
  • Be sure to read our photo upload guidelines for specific requirements.

What if I retire or am retired and there is still business info in my profile?

  • If you are retired, please put 'Retired' in the Company Name and Title fields and clear out your other business contact information. If you don't include 'Retired' we won't know what you meant by the deletion and your most current job information will be re-populated back the next time we update (usually overnight).

User Privacy

What does it mean when information is hidden?

  • Hidden information is only viewable by you, and if your profile is viewed by another U-Knight member they will not be able to see it.

What information is hidden by default?

  • Your personal and business phone number, all personal relationship information, and all non-Geneseo academic information is hidden unless you choose to share it. In addition, your personal and business e-mail are masked, meaning someone could e-mail you a personal message but not add your e-mail to any lists.

How do I hide or unhide information?



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