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Alumni Spotlight

Kristina Sym '07

Traveling the World

Kristina Sym ’07 recently returned from a year-long journey traveling the world.

Let’s forget about how isolated we all might be right now, and start thinking about all the places we could go in the future!

Alumni News

Photos of Bennett Marano '12 and his friends throughout the years.
Geneseo BFFs

Bennett Marano ’12 met his Geneseo family on day one. They’ve relied on each other ever since.

Schiller C. Joseph '04 at graduation
Inspiration, Success, and Giving Back

Schiller C. Joseph ’04 draws on his Geneseo foundation to help others in his career.

illustration of insects with a question mark in the middle of the images
Insect Ethics: Two Alums Explore What it Means for Insect Welfare.

Aside from animated movies starring adorable bugs, people don’t generally think about insects having feelings.