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Becoming an America Reads & Counts Tutor FAQ

Q:  What opportunities are available?

A:  We offer two basic types of opportunities.

  1. Work-Study:  Since America Reads/Counts is funded by the Federal Work-Study Program if you meet the schools' work-study criteria you could be paid for the time you put into tutoring within the classroom.
  2. Volunteer:  If you do not qualify for our work-study program you are more than welcome and encouraged to tutor on a strictly volunteer basis.

Q:  How do I know if I qualify for work-study?

A:  When you apply to become a tutor we will submit your name to check if you are eligible for work-study.  We will then inform you whether you are eligible or not when we go to pair you with a teacher to make sure you are still interested in participating in our program.

Q:  With what grade levels will I be working?

A:  Our tutors are placed in grade levels K through 6th grade.  We will not place a tutor in a grade level he or she is not comfortable tutoring.  Please let us know your preferences and we will do our best to find a good match.

Q:  How many children will I be working with at one time?

A:  This is up to the desecration of the classroom teacher.  Some will prefer you to work one-on-one and some will prefer that you work in small groups.  You will not have to teach an entire class.

Q:  Is there work involved outside of the classroom?

A:  We strongly encourage spending some time outside of the classroom in preparation for your tutoring sessions.  We also require tutors to attend one of the two tutor training sessions we will be offering.  We are planning on monthly meetings to take place here on campus that you will be expected to participate in as well. 

Q:  If I attended a training session for a previous semester of tutoring must I attend the training again?

A:  No. If you have already gone through one of our sessions and we have the proof of your previous participation you will not be required to attend again.  You are more than welcome to though if you wish.

Q:  Will I be required to come up with the session material?

A:  The teacher will inform you what lessons need to be addressed for the student(s).  You should come up with fun activities that will help the student(s) to better learn the material.  Feel free to ask the teacher for suggestions or tips if you are having a difficult time thinking of activities.

Q:  What school districts are involved?

A:  We have placements at the following schools:  Geneseo Elementary, Livonia Primary, Avon Central, Dansville Primary, and Keshequa Primary.  We will work to find you an appropriate placement that fits your schedule.  We cannot guarantee a placement to anyone.

Q:  How am I supposed to get to my placement?

A:  You are responsible for your own transportation.  You must have consistent access to reliable transportation to participate off site.  If you know someone with a vehicle who is participating, we can try to schedule you at similar times at the same location for carpooling purposes.

Q:  How do I get involved?

A:  Contact us at  Better yet, apply on the 'Become a Tutor' section on the menu to the left.