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Teacher Expectations

  • Meet or speak with the tutor(s) prior to the first tutoring session to develop a “semester-plan”*
  • Set up a regular meeting schedule to discuss feedback and suggestions (meeting may be substituted with an alternate form of correspondence if necessary, i.e. email, telephone, paperwork)
  • Introduce the tutor(s) to the student if meeting location and time permits
  • Offer suggestions for student-specific lesson planning, materials, behavior management, etc.
  • Outline short and long-term goals for the semester
  • Answer tutor questions
  • Provide or suggest an appropriate and safe work environment for tutoring sessions (tutoring settings must be supervised by school personnel). 
  • Utilize tutors in ways that promote the goals of the America Reads or America Counts program

For liability reasons:

  • Discipline problems are not the responsibility of the tutor, although tutors should be taught how to handle any problems that may occur.
  • America Reads and Counts tutors are not to be left in charge of or alone with the children at any time.
  • America Reads tutors should not assist children to or in the bathroom.