2010-11 AOP Student Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to the following students who received special recognition from the AOP department at the annual spring AOP Recognition Reception. We also would like to extend our appreciation to the scholarship committee that diligently reviewed each application and chose this year’s winners. 

The AOP Community Service Award

Recognizes and promotes our students' significant community service-related extracurricular activities. This year we had three recipients: Mr. Nathan Cho and Ms. Ying Su.

Dr. Charles Bailey Service Award 

Established to honor his outstanding support of and service to AOP,  this was given to two students who demonstrated outstanding service both on and off campus:  This year's recipients are: Ms. Aliya Brooks and Ms. Amy Tran.

The Leadership Award for Students of Caribbean Descent 

Established to recognize and honor students who've demonstrated leadership in fostering and promoting of Caribbean culture and its contributions to the community. This year's recipient is: Ms. Lisa Martinez.

The EOP Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to outstanding EOP upperclassmen who have demonstrated commitment to academic excellence.  This year we had two recipients:  Mr. LuoEn Han. 

The Dr. Ramon Rocha Memorial Scholarship

Was established in honor of the Director of the Transitional Opportunity Program (TOP) from 1987-1996.  Following his death, the TOP and EOP programs were merged into one department—AOP.  This award recognizes a TOP student who personifies academic excellence.  This year’s scholarship recipient is: Adam Tran. 

The May-Parker Academic Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship, initiated by Jennifer and Claudius May-Parker as a gesture of respect for and gratitude to Isom Fearn and the EOP program at SUNY Geneseo, recognizes an EOP student who demonstrated a history of academic and personal achievement. The recipient of this year's scholarship is: Mr. Stiylord Morocho .   

The "Aspiring to Excellence" Scholarship 

This scholarship was established by Edward Yuen, a TOP alumnus, in memory of his wife, Cindy Guan, an EOP alumnae, who perished in the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. This year we had two recipients: Mr. Jacob Griffin and Ms. Tze (Jenny) Wong.

Again, we congratulate you for your hard work and service to AOP and the SUNY Geneseo community.  Keep up the spirit of excellence!