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Transitional Opportunity Program (TOP)

The Transitional Opportunity Program (TOP) is a SUNY Geneseo sponsored program that includes many of the services commonly associated with EOP. No new students will be admitted to Geneseo through TOP.  We would encourage students interested in the services of TOP to review the TRiO Student Support Services Program information.  Students may apply for the TRiO SSS program as a current Geneseo student.

The Transitional Opportunity Program was created to address the fact that, due to the economic restrictions associated with meeting the eligibility for EOP, coupled with the high admission expectations associated with general admission to SUNY Geneseo, a high number of academically talented students (many who were minority, underrepresented, and first-generation students) were being denied access to SUNY Geneseo. In its efforts to provide educational opportunities to New York State residents who make up the rich ethnic/racial diversity that reflects our society, SUNY Geneseo instituted the TOP department in 1985.  SUNY Geneseo discontinued admitting new students to the program in 2020.

Services provided by the department:

  • Students are assigned counselors to help with personal, financial, academic and career matters.
  • Tutorial services are available free of charge.

For additional information please contact the AOP department at (585) 245-5725,