Art history faculty

Lynette Bosch

Department Chair and

Professor of Art History

Ph.D. Princeton University

M.A. Hunter College, CUNY

B.A. Queens College, CUNY
Brodie 230. 245-5419

Ancient,Medieval,Renaissance, Baroque and Contemporary Latin American Art, Identity Theory, Liturgy and Ritual, Illuminated Manuscripts

Alla Myzelev

Visiting Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Queens University, Kingston

M.A. York University

B.A. Hebrew University,

Brodie 229.  245-5841

Contemporary Global Art, Modern Art, 19th Century Art, Gender Studies, Global Crafts, Art and Media Technology, Museum Studies

Kristina Laun

Adjunct Faculty

M.A. University at Buffalo, SUNY

B.A., University at Buffalo, SUNY
Brodie 231. 245-5841

ARTH 171, ARTH 173, ARTH 180

Hillary Toothe

Adjunct Faculty

M.A., University at Buffalo, SUNY

B.A., Nazareth College
Brodie 102. 245-5841

American Art, INTD 105

Thomas MacPherson

Professor of Art

M.F.A., University of South Carolina, Printmaking and Drawing

B.A., SUNY, College at Oswego

Brodie 227

Drawing, Watercolor, Egg Tempera Painting, Printmaking, History of Drawing, History of Watercolor

Cynthia Hawkins

Gallery Director and Affiliated Faculty

University of Buffalo, Transnational Studies

(Course work towards Ph.D., Degree Anticipated 2017)

M.A. Seton Hall University, Museum Studies/Museum Management

M.F.A., The Maryland Institute, Mount Royal School of Painting

B.A. Queens College, CUNY


Brodie 226

American Studies, American Museum Formation, Identity, Citizenship, Theory, African-American Art, Museum Studies, Exhibition Design, Gallery Management

Charles Burroughs

Visiting Professor (Fall 2016- ongoing)

B.A. Balliol College, Oxford University

Ph.D. Warburg Institute, London University

Architectural History, Urban Planning, Classical Tradition, Classical Literature and Languages (Greek & Roman), Landscape Design and Sustainability