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ASSESStivus Archives

2020-2021 ASSESStivus

ASSESStivus 2021 was held remotely across two days, with the first day focusing on Assessment Basics and the second day on Geneseo's response to the pandemic. The keynote address was given on Tuesday by Dr. Kevin Gannon. The full schedule, including links to recordings of many of the presentations, is available as a google document

2019-20 ASSESStivus

The ASSESStivus 2020 schedule is available on the web or as a google document. This year the event moved from September to January of the academic year. The focus of the day was on assessing our DEI initiatives; the keynote address was given by Dr. Sim Covington, CDO of FLCC.

2018-19 ASSESStivus

The Assesstivus 2018 schedule is available as a Google Document.

2013-14 ASSESStivus

2013 Presentations (login required)

2012-13 ASSESStivus

2012 Schedule

2012 Presentations (login required)

2012 Survey Results