KnightWeb Online Registration:   Students should note that the Biology Chair's Office limits the enrollment numbers in some of our courses throughout the registration period.  We sometimes have to open or close lectures/labs. Therefore, students should check our Biology KnightWeb offerings and seat availability throughout the registration period and register as soon as you are able to on KnightWeb and check again for openings during all open registration periods and again during the drop/add period. 

In order for the registration process to be as fair as possible to ALL students, we will enforce the following:

  • Do NOT ‘hold’ seats for fellow students; it is not fair to others registering after you and we will do everything possible to make this difficult and to penalize students who do this.   In particular, we will not accommodate requests for special consideration by students who register early, but later end up wanting to change their schedule.

  • Do NOT hold out waiting for a particular combination of instructor/time to appear.  Choose from what is available at the time the registration process is FIRST open to you.  If you fail to register for an open section and come back later when all sections are full, you will NOT be assured of getting into the course.

  • Do register as early as you can and contact your advisor or the Biology office if you run into problems in course selection.  However, appreciate that we simply are unable to satisfy student choices of course/faculty/time.  The number of Biology majors has nearly doubled over the last five years and with the SUNY budget as it is, we are not able to hire additional faculty.  Even if we could, it might not be a desirable thing—taking courses in areas that students didn’t think they were interested in has been a very good thing for lots and lots of biologists!!  A good biology education includes breadth and especially breadth beyond the narrow comfort zone that many students have. 

  • We are NOT able to accommodate student internships, work schedules, sports schedules, double majors, minors, extracurricular activities, etc.

  • We will hold firm on enrollment maximums as required to adhere to fire code regulations and seating limitations in rooms.   

  • Always be respectful and courteous when communicating with faculty and staff.

  • As mature adult students, your parents should not be calling to plead your case for being enrolled in a course.

Although we are unable to satisfy requests for specific courses, we do feel that we have an obligation to allow students to take what they need (vs. want) to graduate in four years (assuming that you achieved the requirements for the major, and assuming that you have met with your advisor, and followed a reasonable curricular plan), and we will do everything that we can to allow this to happen (assuming that we don’t find out that the reason you’re in a problem was because you were ‘gaming’ the registration system!!! )  If you are closed out of all sections of a Biology required course because you are unable to 

Dr. George Briggs
Biology Chair