Office Hours fall 2015

  • Monday 300-400
  • Tuesday 200-300
  • Wednesday 1000-1100
  • Thursday 830-1000
  • Friday 1000-1100


  • Cell Ultrastructure, Morphogenesis, and Physiology of the Green Algal Flagellar Apparatus, Behavior in Microorganisms; the Molecular Mechanisms of Spindle Positioning in Yeast Mitosis

Harold J Hoops



Integrated Science Center 353
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Dr. Hoops has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1987.

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D. in Botany, The Ohio State University, 1981
  • M.S. in Botany, The Ohio State University, 1978
  • B.S. in Biology, Carroll College, WS, 1975
Fall 2015 Classes

BIOL 300:
Cell Biology

    An introduction to molecular and structural organization of the eukaryotic cell. Topics include: the plasma membrane, internal membranes, synthesis of proteins, membrane bound organelles, photosynthes
    is and respiration, the cytoskeleton and motility, cell growth and division, hormones and receptors, and nerve cells and electrical properties of membranes. Restricted to majors. Prerequisites: BIOL 222 and CHEM 211 or CHEM 223.
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BIOL 301:
Laboratory in Cell Biology

    Selected experiments in cell biology that illustrate some of the basic principles, techniques and experimental models in current use. Restricted to majors. Prerequisites/Corequisite: BIOL 300. Offer
    ed every fall
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BIOL 378:
Microscope Techniques

    A lecture-demonstration course concerned with a discussion of the principles of light and electron microscopy, the instrumentation available, and the principles involved in preparation of material for
    microscopy. Restricted to majors. Prerequisites: BIOL 203 or BIOL 222. Offered every fall
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