Office Hours spring 2016

  • Monday 930-1100
  • Tuesday 400-500


  • Conservation Biology
  • Behavioral Ecology
  • Host-Parasite Interactions

Kristina Hannam

Associate Professor of


Integrated Science Ctr. 259
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454


Dr. Kristina Hannam has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 2001.

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D. in Biology, University of Miami, 1998
  • B.S. in Biology, University of Notre Dame, IN, 1992
Spring 2016 Classes

BIOL 315:
Sustainability Science

    Sustainability science is a problem-driven field that focuses on both the protection of the environment and the maintenance and enhancement of life for current and future human generations. This cours
    e will explore some of the major scientific issues behind our understanding of sustainability by focusing on major themes of biodiversity, water, global change, energy and resources, food and agriculture, waste and human health. We will examine data from current research to understand the scientific basis of these problems, and to assess potential solutions. Particular attention will be given to issues in New York and in the United States through lectures, case studies and projects. Prerequisites: (BIOL 203 or ENVR 124) and (GEOG 111/112 OR GSCI 140/141). Offered every spring
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BIOL 338:
Animal Behavior

    An integration of ethological and comparative psychological aspects of the evolution and development of behavior in animals. Special emphasis on such topics as biological rhythms, communication, spaci
    ng, reproduction, sensory systems, learning, and social structure. Restricted to majors and minors.Prerequisites: BIOL 203 and BIOL 222 or permission of instructor. (Not available for credit to students who have credit for PSYC 338.) Offered every fall
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BIOL 339:
Animal Behavior Laboratory

    Studies of the behavior and behavior patterns of animals under both controlled laboratory and natural field conditions. Emphasis is placed on observational and quantitative approaches. Restricted to
    majors and minors. Prerequisites/Corequiste: BIOL 338 or permission of instructor. Offered every fall
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