Recent Biology Graduates

Grads Rate the Geneseo Biology Program

"My rate is an 8. I have had an amazing experience, yet a few glitches make my rating the score as it is. The staff is incredible. The knowledge and approachability of the professors (and secretaries)!!) is great. The courses were incredibly challenging. Personally, I needed more time to study and therefore feel I could have done better. . . I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 semesters as a Undergraduate Lab Instructor and would rate that experience a 10. I appreciated the experience to have for my future plans in teaching." - Lorie Ames

"8 - I think Geneseo has a really great Biology program, especially for the cost of tuition and the fact that it is a small school. I definitely feel prepared for the next step in my academic career, and in the end I know that the challenging program here was worth the work. . . " - Arielle Herberger

"I give my Bio experience a 10!" - Alex Rossi

"I would rate my experience as a 10!" - Jonathan Schultz

"9 - I had a wonderful experience with the Geneseo Biology program, and feel very prepared to continue my education at the graduate level. I would like to thank all of the knowledgeable and dedicated professors who have helped me to succeed in this challenging major." - Kristin Schwab

"7 - Hard but rewarding. I am proud of my accomplishment." - Emma Striegel

"9 - The Biology Department is great. I loved every professor I had and really learned a lot in my time here at Geneseo. I would especially like to mention that Dr. O'Donnell has taught me so much and been an incredible mentor for me and doing research in his lab has been one of the best experiences for me during my time at Geneseo. My only complaint and reason that I did not rate my experience a 10, is the registration issues. I know it is impossible meet the needs of all the students with limited faculty and a limited budget, but there are definitely some classes I would have liked to have been able to take, but was unable due to registration constraints. Other than that, I had a great experience and feel that the Geneseo Biology Department has prepared me tremendously for my future." - Toby Terilliger

"I feel that the Geneseo Biology program is challenging, yet rewarding. I have had numerous knowledgeable, caring, and supportive professors and have been provided with excellent resources. If given the choice, I would go through the program again." - Pamela Vesely