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Awards & Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the School of Business is able to provide over 20 scholarships and awards to deserving students. These awards are typically made on the basis of a competitive process that begins with an application by students. The invitation to apply is ordinarily issued early in the Spring term via an email from the Dean's Office that includes instructions, a deadline and an application form. To be considered for an award, an applicant must be returning to the School during the following academic year. Applications and any appropriate supporting materials are reviewed by the School's Scholarships and Awards Committee that recommends recipients to the Dean as appropriate. The monies are applied to the recipient's tuition and fee charges for the following semester. Additional information is available from the Office of the Dean.

Undergraduate Scholarships

The Financial Accounting Peer Tutoring Scholarship
Awarded to a junior Accounting major with a minimum grade of B in Accounting 301 and 302, as well as a willingness to tutor during the senior year. Supported by Dr. Harry Howe and selected by faculty in the School of Business.

AP Professionals Scholarship
Awarded to outstanding senior accounting student to assist with tuition. Supported by Mark P. Pautler, President, AP Professionals

Ambassador Apartments Scholarship in Accounting
Scholarship awarded on a competitive basis to an outstanding student majoring in Accounting. Recipient selected based upon academic merit, citizenship, and service. Recipient selected by faculty in School of Business. Endowed by Frank Csapo, Ambassador Apartments.

Federation of Home Bureaus Scholarship
Awarded to a deserving student in the field of Business Administration. Endowed by the NYS Federation of Home Bureaus, Inc.

The Humphrey Family Endowed Scholarship - Wyoming County Bank
Scholarship to assist business students with tuition, based on the following criteria: students enrolled in the School of Business whose home address is in Livingston or Wyoming Counties, are juniors who have cumulative grade point averages of 3.0 or better, and demonstrate potential for leadership and success in business through participation in student clubs, volunteer activities, intercollegiate or intramural athletic, or by experience in jobs or internships. Recipients selected by the School of Business Faculty Scholarship Committee. Supported by the Humphrey Family.

The Flanders Group Insurance Career Scholarship
Awarded to School of Business juniors with a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in insurance and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.75. The recipients must complete a three credit internship at one or more insurance companies, providing 115 hours of work over the course of a semester. Supported by The Flanders Group.

The Eleanor Chamberlin Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a senior at SUNY Geneseo with a solid academic record (minimum of 3.0 GPA) majoring in Business Administration and who demonstrates leadership and integrity. The recipient will be chosen by a scholarship committee in the School of Business. Supported through an endowment established by Marilyn Lyon, in memory of her Aunt Ellie.

The Ryan Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Fund
Awarded to an undergraduate in the School of Business with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The recipient must be involved in extracurricular activities and must be someone whose life has been touched by cancer. The fund was established by Adam Turkewotz '05 and other friends of Ryan Kennedy. Ryan was an accounting major who graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 2005 and who lost his life to cancer shortly thereafter.

Business Advisory Council Merit Scholarships
Two scholarships based on academic merit. Recipients chosen by Advisory Council Scholarship Committee in consultation with the School of Business Scholarship Committee. Supported by the School of Business.

Livingston County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Award to an outstanding undergraduate student in the School of Business. The Chamber of Commerce stipulates that preference be given to Livingston County student.

Edward Pettinella '73 Senior Leadership Endowed Scholarship
Award to an incoming senior enrolled in the School of Business who demonstrates financial need, an impressive record of undergraduate achievement, leadership and strong potential for success in their professional careers as alumni of Geneseo. This scholarship is supported by an endowment generously established by Edward Pettinella, Class of 1973.

The FTT Manufacturing Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship to Business major in his or her junior year who is judged by the business faculty as being the most improved student from freshman to junior years, but in more than grade-point average. Student must show demonstrated humanistic values through volunteer service, including church, hospital, or a community service organization. Student should have qualities that suggest potential for success in business, including in the entrepreneurial sense of creating a business. Established by FTT Manufacturing.

Bob Murray Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of Robert E. Murray, class of 1983, and his wife Elizabeth, the School of Business has a new scholarship. The $2500 scholarship is awarded to a rising junior who is involved with the Student Managed Investment Fund and other use of the School's new Trading Room.