Christian Shin

Associate Professor of Management: School Of Business
South Hall 320

Office Hours

Office Hours


9:30-10:20, 12:1:00




or by appointment


Curriculum Vitae


  • A.A.S., Laguardia Community College

  • B.B.A., Baruch College

  • M.S., SUNY Buffalo

  • Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park


  • International Association of Science and Technology for Development

More About Me

Research Interests

Dr. Shin's research interests are in the areas of databases, and image recognition and retrieval.

Additional Information





  • MGMT 250: Information Tech for Business

    A certain level of knowledge of information systems is increasingly an essential component of the tool set for all professional careers. Just as a professional needs to be proficient in communications, he/she will also be required to be informed of essentials of information systems. Such essentials include the basic make-up of a management information system, its operational principles, and most common applications, relationships between a management information system and the overall business management, as well as major issues in deploying and evaluating management information systems. This course will serve to lay the groundwork for students to develop solid information system knowledge in their professional careers.