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Dean's Message


Welcome to the SUNY Geneseo School of Business,Mary Ellen Zuckerman

      The faculty, staff and students of the School of Business have shown their resilience and adaptability in the past months. We successfully transitioned to online learning for the second half of last spring, and worked hard to ensure that students had a positive experience. We created virtual graduation and recognition ceremonies and drew on a strong alumni network to enhance online classes and extracurricular activities.

     In the continuing COViD-19 world, we are offering our business classes and activities both in –person and remotely. Our faculty and staff spent the summer learning the most effective tools to deliver the high quality education that characterizes our School of Business. We have continued to attract talented students from a wide variety of experiences. The diversity of our students enriches the experiences of all of us, in and outside the classroom. Our-award winning faculty draw on the varied experiences of our students to create dynamic and effective learning environments. Faculty stay up-to-date with the business world both through their scholarship and through their engagement in curriculum groups with our Business Advisory Council members. This ensures the currency of our curriculum, and the ability of our students to leave after four years well prepared for the opportunities in today’s business world and graduate schools. The willingness of our BAC members and other alumni to engage provides our students with a winning edge  

     We continue to offer our four-year Professional Development requirement. It is comprised of a series of workshops and lectures that build students’ skills. Students set up LinkedIn accounts, create cover letters and resumes and engage in career exploration. They move on to learning and practicing networking tools, both in person and online. Alumni present on skills and credentials needed in particular industries. This carefully crafted co-curricular program is supplemented with virtual visits by alumni, employers and internship sponsors who Zoom into classes, give virtual lectures and hold informal meetings via Zoom. Our regular trip to NYC for students to visit Geneseo alumni has been replaced this year with virtual visits to NYC firms.

     We are always innovating and improving our curriculum, to keep it excellent. For example, we now require a data analytics course for all School of Business students, created a data analytics minor and are working on a major in that field. We also are working on a finance major and an entrepreneurship minor.  

     In all these efforts to be a business school of excellence, our Business Advisory Council (BAC) and Alumni Connections Council (ACC) members are a huge support. These individuals are alumni of the School who are dedicated to helping our current students get the best possible business education and obtain outstanding job or graduate school placement. We have two BAC groups of 25 each, one based in Western NY and the other centered on New York City. We have ACC members, alums 10 or fewer years out, in both locales as well. These council members assist us in keeping a current curriculum, in preparing our students for top jobs and graduate schools, and educate students about different industries and professional behavior.  Using Zoom, they have actively participated in the life of the School throughout the past months.

     When you join the School of Business you are joining a community of dedicated educators and learners, who all are committed to excellence and to helping one another.  Thank you for being part of this group!


Mary Ellen

CONGRATULATIONS to our Dean..... Rochester Business Journal's 2020 Women of Excellence.  Faculty & Staff Coming Together and showing positivity during difficult times!!!