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James Quinn

Lecturer: School of Business
South Hall 103
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Mr. Quinn incorporates his wide-ranging legal experience into the courses he teaches at Geneseo, and with business operating in an increasingly regulated environment, students benefit greatly from the knowledge and strategies he has accumulated over the years.

His 35-year legal career encompassed working as a prosecuting attorney for Monroe County, practicing litigation, corporate and business law in Rochester, and representing large corporations. He graduated from Cornell Law School.

"The entire lifecycle of a business is tied up in the law," says Quinn. "Understanding the legal fundamentals and their complexity can give a business person a competitive advantage. I’m able to provide a real-world context for the principles we address in my courses, and that makes those principles more relatable to students."

Quinn says regulation touches business people in numerous ways at many different levels, such as how they locate and operate facilities, use raw materials, hire and treat employees, make and market products, interact with competitors, and much more. 

"Those who are familiar with these complexities will be ahead of the game," he says. "Those who press on oblivious to the legal requirements will be at a disadvantage. No business relationship exists in a vacuum. It’s always in the context of a web of law and regulations."

During his time as a corporate lawyer, Quinn frequently conducted training sessions for business people to help them avoid litigation and comply with the law. He always found those experiences very satisfying and shortly after retiring, joined the Geneseo faculty where he teaches introductory business law, accountant-oriented business law, employment law, and cyberlaw. 

His cyberlaw course is relatively new but covers increasingly important legal issues for today’s business people.

"When the internet is involved, legal issues can arise more quickly and globally than before," says Quinn. "The law must come up with mechanisms to bring law from the brick-and-mortar age into the current-day business world. We’re having to re-shape old rules to a totally new environment."

Quinn’s love for the law is unmistakable and he cherishes moments in his courses when a student absorbs a legal principle and realizes why things work a certain way. 

"I’m very enthusiastic about the law and I try to transfer that enthusiasm to my students," says Quinn. "It’s very gratifying to work with students, especially when they are as bright as they are at Geneseo."

Quinn is a pre-law advisor in the School of Business and quite a few of his students have gone on to law school, which Quinn describes as "extremely satisfying." 

Over the years, Quinn has served on the boards of numerous not-for-profit organizations, including Volunteer Legal Services, the Visiting Nurse Service, the Writers and Books literary center, GEVA Theater Center and the Little Theater.  He practices yoga and reads extensively.

Office Hours

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Professional Legal/Business Experience

Corporate Law and Litigation

  • Assistant District Attorney, Monroe County New York
  • Corporate litigator, Harris Beach law firm
  • Director of Litigation, Corporate Secretary, Eastman Kodak Company
  • General Counsel, Carestream, Inc.

Professional Interests

  • Antitrust
  • Business Ethics
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Business regulation

More About Jim

Curriculum Vitae


  • B.A., Boston College

  • J.D., Cornell Law School


  • MGMT 263: Business Law I

    A study of aspects of American law pertaining to business activity. Emphasis is given to the legal and social environments, the development of administrative and employment law, government regulations, contracts and UCC, agency, and business entities. Ethical considerations in these areas will be discussed throughout the course.