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Jeffrey Gutenberg

Associate Professor of Management School Of Business
South Hall 118B
Jeff Gutenberg
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"Good marketing follows good marketing research" is an axiom that Dr. Gutenberg has clearly brought to bear during his career, both with the commercial clients he serves and the students he has taught at Geneseo since 1981.

Gutenberg has conducted numerous marketing research projects for a variety of well-known companies such as Xerox, Goodyear, Kodak and ESL Federal Credit Union, as well as numerous smaller companies and non-profit organizations seeking his keen marketing expertise. He has his three degrees from the University of Southern California, including a doctorate in marketing, and has skillfully weaved his field experiences into the courses he teaches at Geneseo, including introductory marketing, marketing research, advertising and promotions, and strategic management.

"I found when I first came to Geneseo that there was a demand for marketing research in the Rochester area so I was able to procure research projects and develop strong relationships with area marketing professionals while teaching at Geneseo," said Gutenberg. "Working on those projects and developing connections over the years have been invaluable not only for enhancing teaching and learning but for guiding students toward marketing careers."

With permission from his clients, Gutenberg frequently talks in class about many of the projects he works on and involves students in discussing approaches and outcomes. Among long-term projects Gutenberg has worked on was an ongoing 20-year customer satisfaction project for Xerox that management depended on for important decision-making. He also spent 15 years consulting for ESL Federal Credit Union to get the brand established in the region.

"I’m able to share my real-world experience about what has taken place," he says. "I have particularly strong relationships with area advertising agencies and that has paid great dividends for my students."

Gutenberg has seen a multitude of dramatic changes in marketing over the years as media technology has advanced. He says the emergence of online survey-taking, for example, has overtaken phone surveys to obtain reliable audience data and oftentimes requires incentives for participation. 

Gutenberg has teaching in his blood as both his father and grandfather were college professors. His greatest satisfaction is helping students develop the tools that will help them succeed in their careers.

"It’s particularly gratifying to receive positive feedback from employers about students I have taught," he says. "Students in my courses are very results-focused and career-minded. By bringing their strong skills to an employer, they not only succeed individually but become very worthy ambassadors for the School of Business and College."

Gutenberg is a strong proponent of internships and has placed numerous students in positions over the years.

"These days to get off the ground, you need business experience before graduation and an internship provides just that," he says. "Through my client connections, I’m able to accommodate internships and also reinforce the job I do in academia."

Gutenberg’s done a variety of pro bono marketing research work for non-profit organizations, including the Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning, which helped spur a decline in area lead poisoning cases.

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    Professional Business Experience

    Marketing/Marketing Research Consulting

    • Xerox, Goodyear, Kodak, ESL Federal Credit Union
    • Integrated Marketing Services


    • Marketing
    • Golf
    • Gardening
    • Resident of Brighton, NY

    More About Jeffrey

    Curriculum Vitae


    • B.S., M.B.A., D.B.A., University of Southern California


    • Past President, Rochester American Marketing Association

    • Former Director and recipient of Lantern and Legacy awards, Causewave Community Partners (formerly the Advertising Council of Rochester)

    • Member, Monroe Golf Club