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Dear School of Business Community,

The wrongful and senseless death of George Floyd and many before and since has brought forth an outpouring of stories and experiences about race in our country that impel us to listen, honestly examine our own views, and be more proactive in understanding and acting on issues of social and racial injustice. Our School’s mission is to prepare our students for professional success in today’s complex business environment, and part of that is an imperative to educate individuals to be responsible leaders who understand that diversity makes us all stronger, and who understand that racism and discrimination are unacceptable. The statements of many business leaders have shown how significant these values are to businesses.   

Building on Geneseo’s strong liberal arts tradition and the insights of our business disciplines, we are committed to fostering just and ethical business practices.  This is in line with the values put forth by Geneseo’s Office of Equity and Diversity: “The ideals of the SUNY Geneseo community strive to broaden understanding, heighten awareness, awaken empathy, and foster empowerment of all individuals.”

We want to ensure that the environment in the School of Business is one where all feel safe, welcomed and included. Students, faculty and staff should know that all voices will be heard. We will take the following actions (and others as we move forward) toward this goal:

  • Strategic Planning Committee will continue to discuss and identify activities which will promote greater understanding, communication and action toward supporting diversity and social justice within and outside the School of Business.
  • The Faculty and Staff will discuss diversity, inclusion and social justice at our Fall retreat, in order to determine ways to include these topics in our Strategic Plan.
  • The School of Business will support and facilitate students and faculty establishing clubs and groups for underrepresented groups in business disciplines, and forging connections to national organizations and to similar groups on other campuses.

  • The School of Business Faculty and Staff work with Students to recruit speakers and support programming around issues of diversity and inclusion, with specific reference to professional business careers.

  • As the College develops faculty resources for thinking about and addressing issues of racial and social injustices in the curriculum, the School will focus Brown Bag discussions on successful practices.

I look forward to working with all members of our community to ensure that our conversations and actions provide excellent education in the broadest sense of the word, and that our dialogue on issues of diversity, equity, racial and social justice enrich and empower us individually and as a School.    


Mary Ellen Zuckerman, Dean
Geneseo School of Business