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Summer 2017 Internship Stories

Picture of Amman Weaver

Amman Weaver ‘18

JPMorgan Chase

Amman Weaver interned with JPMorgan Chase's Risk Management Division in their Consumer and Community Banking line of business. I worked on various projects, however, the most interesting was a fraud research and development proposal that could shape the company's future.


Picture of Jonathan Drabek

Jonathan Drabek ‘18


Citigroup's Markets Summer Analyst program affords interns the opportunity to work on three different trading desks. Over the course of each rotation, interns are required to sit with and observe those who work on the desk. In addition to the observational portion, Summer Analysts are required to complete a project at the end of each rotation. I rotated through Emerging Markets Credit Sales, Municipals S&T and ABS Syndicate. I found each desk and asset class to be unique in both environment and structure.


Picture of Alex Hall

Alex Hall ‘18


This summer I worked for Pfizer, Inc., a large American pharmaceutical corporation. The majority of my work was with the long term data migration team as Pfizer is in the process of updating their clinical trials management systems and well as their clinical data management systems. I also conducted business intelligence for Pfizer throughout the internship.


Picture of James Anania

James Anania ’19

Pabst Brewing Company

This summer I interned at Pabst’s corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, where I split my time working in both their marketing and finance departments. Although working at a beer company may seem like it is all fun, at the end of the day it is still a large and complex business. Within the marketing team I evaluated brand analytics, created bi-weekly marketing reports, and helped establish a new marketing campaign to be implemented in the future. As part of the finance team I constructed financial models, provided assistance on company projects, and performed due diligence work. Overall, I had an excellent experience at Pabst and gained valuable insights into how a large company is run and the consumer goods industry as a whole.



Picture of Jennifer Gallino

Jennifer Gallino ‘19


I worked in the Wealth Management division for Oppenheimer & Co. in NYC. I conducted data analysis for various equity and bond investments as well as generating reports and performance summaries for clients using Bloomberg. I was also able to support my Financial Advisers by doing research for potential high net worth clients by analyzing real estate and demographics in the greater New York area.


Picture of Jennifer Moran

Jennifer Moran ‘19

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

This summer I interned in the Market & Competitive Intelligence department at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield in Rochester, NY. I was given the task to research emerging national trends in the health care market, identify key drivers and implications, and explain the impact that these developing trends could have on strategic decision-making. At the end of my internship, I was then given the opportunity to share my findings with senior leaders in the marketing and sales divisions.


Picture of Morgan Wing

Morgan Wing ‘19


This summer, I had an internship at Weight Watchers International. I worked in the internal auditing department and I was able to attend walk through meetings with executives, work with my boss on projects and listen in on international calls regarding auditing. The interns were also given the privilege of attending meetings with executives of the company, including the CFO, Nick Hotchkin, and CEO, Mindy Grossman, to ask questions and advice.


Picture of CJ Burke

CJ Burke ‘19


This past summer I was an intern for the Global Trading & Market Services team at Nasdaq in New York City. The most interesting project I was able to work on was my final project where I and two other interns analyzed 3 major exchange operators in the United States (ICE, Nasdaq, and CBOE). Our main goal of the project was to study the past of the exchanges, how they have changed to present day and direction that we see the personal exchanges and the industry going. I was extremely thankful for this opportunity and I am excited to see what next summer has to offer!


Picture of Aiden Flanagan

Aiden Flanagan ‘18


Markets Summer Analyst Program was a ten-week program with one week of training, and three three-week rotations across different trading, sales, or research desks. I spent three weeks on: CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligation) Trading, Structured Credit Sales, and Agency Mortgage-Backed Security Trading. The role of each intern varied depending on the desk. On each of my desks I was given weekly, sometimes daily assignments on market conditions and/or answering questions about the functions of each desk and the products they trade. In addition to desk projects, there were required trade pitches. The most interesting project I worked on was pitching a pair trade; involving a short on a High-Yield credit index and buying an Investment-Grade Credit Index through the use of derivatives.


Picture of Caitlin Castelletti

Caitlin Castelletti ‘18


This summer I interned at KPMG in their Audit Metro sector at the Stamford, CT office. I was given the opportunity to work with four of their clients and my everyday tasks included rolling forward documents, testing data samples and adding reference tick-marks to documents. The most interesting project I worked on was trying out a 10-Q for a large electrical company.




Picture of Morgan Kohn

Morgan Kohn ‘19

Saint Gobain

This summer I was an accounting intern at Saint Gobain, which is an international technical textile and building material company based out of France. I worked alongside the finance team, completing various projects ranging from managing and completing tax exemptions from an extensive customer list, to processing overdue invoices. The most interesting thing that happened to me while interning was when our company was a target of the Ukrainian cyber attack that affected many European based companies. All of our files were compromised and we lost all emails and it took around 2.5 weeks to get everything back to normal.