All-College Hour Speaker Series

The mission of SUNY Geneseo is to combine a rigorous curriculum and a rich co-curricular life in order to create a learning-centered environment. It is this marriage of academics and campus life that has propelled Geneseo to be a nationally-recognized public liberal arts college.

The All-College Hour Speaker Series supports the College mission and embodies the principles of The Bringing Theory to Practice Project. The aim of the series is to provide integrative opportunities for the campus community to come together to engage in learning that promotes cognitive, emotional, and civic development. The topics of the series are intended to challenge thinking, spur self-reflection, encourage civil discourse, and promote social responsibility. The series is sponsored by Student and Campus Life. All sessions take place during the All-College Hour (2:30PM -3:45PM).

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Photo of speaker, Heather Lester

Heather Lester

MacVittie Union Ballroom, 2:30PM -3:45PM

Heather Lester is a personal trainer and life coach who will share her story of crossing the Ironman finish line. Her journey started in 2008 when she weighed over 200 pounds and was struggling with depression. With two young children to care for, she knew it was time to come back to life and set a goal to complete a 5k race. The thought of running the 3.1 miles seemed daunting, especially to a self proclaimed 'gym class dropout', but half way through her 5k training, she watched the Ironman Kona Championships on TV and knew it was time to set an even bigger goal- to complete the Ironman herself. This is the story of crossing the first 5k finish line and running all the way to 140.6 miles in Lake Placid. It is also the story of personal struggle, motivation, and reaching your goals no matter how big.




Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Photo of speaker, Kate Fowler

Kate J. Fowler

Executive Director, It Happened to Alexa Foundation

MacVittie Union Ballroom, 2:30PM -3:45PM

Dr. Kate J. Fowler joined It Happened to Alexa (IHTA) as Executive Director in 2016 and graduated from the Harvard Business School of Buffalo’s 2017 Non-Profit Executive class. Throughout her personal and professional career, Dr. Fowler has been committed to women’s issues, community service, and policy analysis both domestically and internationally. Among her accomplishments, Dr. Fowler earned a doctorate studying effective implementation of policies surrounding girl’s education and women’s empowerment in Tanzania. She also oversaw and assisted in projects in rural Tanzania including the construction of a school for girls, the purchasing of sewing machines for a women’s empowerment program, and the delivery of medical supplies for a maternal health care clinic. An active Rotarian, she was instrumental in the formation of a new model for Rotary clubs centered around direct monthly community service, is Past President of the Rotary Club of Amherst, and was the inaugural President of the Roundabout Rotary club. She currently serves as Assistant District Governor for Rotary District 7090.

The mission of It Happened to Alexa is to empower survivors of rape and sexual assault and to facilitate the prosecution of their offenders by providing financial, emotional, and advocacy assistance to the survivors and their supporters at the time of trial.

The vision of the It Happened to Alexa is that no rape or sexual assault survivor, domestically or internationally, is prevented from seeking justice due to financial or emotional barriers. By reducing, the costs associated for the survivor and/or a family member or trusted friend to testify at out of town trials, we will help to empower survivors to speak out against their assailants. By encouraging more survivors to testify at trials, It Happened to Alexa's ultimate goal is to reduce the barriers survivors often face and increase conviction rates for their assailants. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Photo of speaker, Fernando Cosme

Fernando Cosme          

 Fernando Cosme, President, Founder

MacVittie Union Ballroom, 2:30PM -3:45PM

"It’s through education, awareness, and community efforts that the most amazing things can come together. 

After being diagnosed with colon cancer and surviving at the age of 30, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure five years later. I am now a patient waiting on the transplant list for a heart donation and currently live with a left ventricle artificial device. I've worked very hard most of my life for causes and organizations that meant little less than this cause that I have now taken upon. Let's embark on this path together to educate the population about organ donation and increase awareness and registration through cultural events. With your help we will bring awareness to our communities and hope to inspire those in need by offering counseling and mentoring support. I have worked as a professional collector, asset manager and special assets officer for some of Miami’s finest banking and financial institutions for over 14 years. During this time I also performed as a professional disc jockey, mic controller and entertainer at some of South Florida’s most premier venues. I am a wedding officiate and a motivational speaker. My family is my main motivation to continue in this fight. I wake up appreciative everyday. I am a few credits away from earning a bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership at St. Thomas University and I hope to survive and continue to serve my communities during and after this struggle.Inspiration is my motivation. Life is good. ​​Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!