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Information for Parents

Facing career uncertainty during college is common. The Career Design Center and parents have a common goal of assisting students in preparing and making informed career path decisions. We recommend that you support your student's career exploration. Discuss with your student their interests, skills, values, academic majors, and career options. We strongly encourage you to listen and be patient as your student embarks on their decision-making process.

The services offered by the Career Design Center will assist your student to achieve academic success, develop work experiences, and enrich their lives through involvement outside the classroom. 

Career Advisor Appointments

We offer a variety of services to all students. We particularly encourage Freshman and first-year Transfer students to schedule an appointment during their first year to begin strategizing career goals. Scheduled career advisor appointments are 45-minutes. Your student can expect assistance with career exploration, major academic selection, resume and cover letters, job and internship search, and much more!


The Career Design Center and its professional staff offer a variety of workshops and open labs for your student to attend. We offer department-sponsored events and teamed with GOLD (Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development) program to provide workshops in the Career Management Leadership Certificate.


There is nothing more valuable than gaining relevant work experience before graduation. Through our vast network of employers, career counselors and students can explore resources for locating internships

If your employer is interested in providing internship opportunities, our office uses Handshake, a fast and powerful recruiting platform for sourcing Geneseo students and alumni. Your organization can visit our employer page for additional information. 

Graduate School

Graduate school counseling is a valuable service we offer Geneseo students. Individual appointments cover institution explore, applying to graduate school, personal statement review, and graduate school mock interviews.

We house a large section of graduate school resource in the Career Loaning Library. These books cover program selection, financial aid, entrance exams, personal statements, and much more!

The Job Search

Job searching can be an overwhelming process if you don't know where to start. Career advisors develop personalized job search plans that students can begin implementing immediately. We direct students to resources that include workshops, job postings on Handshake.

If your employer is interested in providing career opportunities, again, our office uses Handshake for sourcing Geneseo students and alumni.


All job search discussions include the importance of networking and defining the term's meaning. We provide resources that include networking workshops in partnership with the Undergraduate Alumni Association and the GOLD program for career exploration and networking with Geneseo alumni. 

Involvement Outside of the Classroom

Employers like well-rounded students! Extra-curricular activities make up a critical element of your student's college experience and build other aspects (leadership and soft skills) to include on their resume. We encourage our students to explore their interests through joining a student organization through Student Activities, or volunteering through Service Learning, and staying healthy through Athletics