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Online Internship Forms: Faculty Instructions

The Career Design Center in cooperation with the Office of the Dean of Curriculum and Academic Services has implemented an on-line “Internship Form” to allow students, employers, and faculty to complete the necessary information for students to receive academic credit for internships.  Below is a simple, step-by-step guide in using the system.  

  1. Students log on to their existing account KnightJobsand click on the link “Complete Internship Form”. If a student has previously applied for an internship through KnightJobs, these internships can be selected by the student to pre-populate the online internship form. If the internship has been developed by the student, the option to add a new internship is offered.
  2. The student, after consultation with their internship or field supervisor, completes the on-line internship form. Required fields include: a minimum of three learning objectives, work schedule, GPA, field supervisor contact and e-mail and departmental information. 
  3. Upon completion of the form by the student, the staff of Career Design Center initiates the electronic signature process which sends the the form to the internship / field supervisor, faculty internship director, chair, and finally registration. Different electronic processes can be customized for each department in cases where the chair serves as the faculty internship director. For students registering for INTD 395 the electronic signature process sends the form to the field / immediate supervisor, Dean Iyer and then Registration.
  4. Each participant in the internship process (field supervisor, faculty internship director...) is given the opportunity to review and then accept or reject the internship form. Accepted forms are automatically sent to the next participant in the process. Rejected forms are reviewed by Career Design Center and routed back to be corrected. 
  5. Once everyone in the process has electronically signed the form, Registration will add the course to the student record. 

 Academic Department Responsibilities 

  1. The department chair should verify that the student is eligible to receive departmental credit for the internship. All departments require a 2.75 minimum GPA for students completing departmental internships. If a student is not eligible for departmental credit for reasons other than GPA, you may refer them to Rob DiCarlo, Associate Director for Internship Opportunities ( to discuss receiving credit through INTD 395. Students on academic probation or below a 2.0 GPA are not allowed to participate in any off-campus program including internships. The department chair can use the form to allow a GPA waiver for the student to receive departmental internship credit.
  2. The faculty director for the internship fills out the grading rubric outlined in the Internship Form. Grading criteria include weighted percentages for Supervisor Evaluation, Portfolio, Journals, Final Presentation. You do not need to assign percentages for each assignment as long as the grading criteria add up to 100%. It is suggested that the percentage for Supervisor Evaluation be no more than 40%. 
  3. The faculty director should meet periodically with the intern to review academic requirements, discuss progress in the internship and troubleshoot any internship-related issues. The faculty director may also periodically contact the field supervisor for feedback. The Career Design Center will send an electronic evaluation form to all field supervisors and share the feedback with the faculty director. 


The screen shot below illustrates the key fields that the Faculty Director must complete including grading type and grading percentages:

*Internship Type:

Departmental Credit

*Academic Department:


*Faculty Advisor's Name:


*Faculty Advisor Email:


*Faculty Director / Departmental Internship Coordinator  :


E-mail: Faculty Director / Department Internship Coordinator:


*Course Prefix:


*Course Number:


*Credits  :


*Grading  :


Oral report grade percentage?:


*Journals grade percentage?  :


Written/graphical report grade percentage?:


Work experience evaluation by field supervisor (including attendance) grade percentage?:


*Learning Objective 1  :

Effectively assist students in finding internships and utilizing internship resources.

*Learning Objective 2:

Work with student resumes and cover letters in professional preparation for jobs and internships.

*Learning Objective 3:

Promote and conduct workshops for students with relevant internship and the Career Design Center information.

Learning Objective 4:

Create internship-related promotional materials, such as brochures and posters.

Learning Objective 5:


Questions?   Please contact Rob DiCarlo, Associate Director for Internship Opportunities at or 585-245-5750.