Geneseo Career Partners - Information for Alumni

The Geneseo Career Partners database is an online directory of Geneseo alumni who have
voluntarily offered to provide career development support to current Geneseo students and fellow alumni.  Students
are often more comfortable connecting with alumni to ask career questions.  Geneseo Career Partners is like LinkedIn for
Geneseo. Before you become a Career Partner, here are some things to consider:

  • Do I have time to connect with and help Geneseo students and Geneseo Alumni?  
  • How can I best serve as a resource for Geneseo students?   Is it providing career information
    on your area of expertise?  Hosting interns?  Shadowing experiences?  Reviewing resumes?
  • How should students and alumni connect with me?  E-mail (work or personal)?  Phone?  
  • Are there other alumni that would also benefit from becoming a Career Partner?
  • Should I encourage students to connect with me on LinkedIn?   Depending on your profession,
    it may not be appropriate.  Please explain this to students before rejecting their LinkedIn request.
  • Career Development can't control the frequency or how students connect with you.  You 
    can limit the number of monthly contacts in the Career Partners Database.   Students may
    find you through LinkedIn, faculty referrals and other on-line sources. 

We find that both students and alumni enjoy the experience of connecting through Career Partners.  Often,
this is a starting point for a more professional / mentoring relationship.  However, as the professional ./ alumni
you may have to help the student set some boundaries regarding frequency of contact and how you can
best help them.  Arranging times to talk by phone ahead of time is usually more productive than random calls
from students.   From the student perspective, timely responses are key.  Even if you can't immediately connect
with the student, let them know that you will be in touch.   You can also review Geneseo Career Partner Tips;
our handout written for students.    


To register as a Career Partner, you must register in Knightjobs and click to register. Knightjobs is a portal for all three databases (student /alumni job seeker, employer, Career Partner) and requires separate registration for each database. Once you are registered as a Career Partner, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and periodic updates Career Development.  Need help?  

Feel free to contact Rob DiCarlo at or call 585-245-5721.