Career Presentations & Workshops

The Department of Career Development staff is available to present a career related topic to your class, club, or organization. As you review the array of presentations and workshops available; keep in mind that we strive to educate first and second year students on our services and the fundamentals of career decision-making. Upper classmen can benefit from gaining an understanding of the steps necessary to implement tentative career plans for life after Geneseo.

Any of our presentations and workshops can be targeted to your specific major or career field. Simply contact our office at 585-457-5721 to schedule a program for your audience. A member of the Department of Career Development will be happy to discuss your needs and coordinate a schedule.

Career Exploration Strategies

This workshop provides an overview of strategies and resources to help students make informed major or career choices. An excellent workshop for "committed" but confused students and "uncommitted" students. Appropriate for all students.


A workshop designed for students ready to apply classroom learning to the world of work. Students will learn the benefits of an internship and how to find opportunities in their field. Appropriate for all students.

Job Search Strategies and Interviewing

Students will learn the nuts and bolts of the job search and interview process that includes resources, strategies, and networking. Appropriate for all students.

Going to Graduate School?

An overview of the application process, testing, essays, admissions criteria, and timetables will be provided. Appropriate for juniors and seniors.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

This workshop provides techniques to help students develop their selling tools to impress potential employers. This workshop can be tailored toward specific majors. Appropriate for all students.

Summer Job Planning

Students will get an early start of looking for quality summer jobs, internships, and workstudy placements. Appropriate for all students and most effective if offered between December and March 5.

Life After Geneseo

Whether graduate school or a career is in a student's future, this workshop helps students explore their options and provides an explanation of resources and strategies Career Services can offer to make life after Geneseo a success. Appropriate for juniors and seniors.

What Can I Do With a Liberal Arts Education?

A workshop that teaches students how to market their liberal arts education and skills to the 21st century employer. Appropriate for all students.

Informational Interviewing and the Alumni Career Partners

Students will gain an understanding of this important networking tool and the invaluable resources of 400 plus Geneseo alumni ready to assist with career and academic advice.

Career Options and Employment Trends

An excellent workshop for students of similar majors to gain insight into occupations, career paths, and employment trends. Appropriate for all students.

The Art of Networking

What is networking and how do we do it? This workshop will teach students the who, what, where, and hows of networking. Appropriate for all students.

Guidelines for Scheduling a Presentation or Workshop

  • Workshops must be arranged at least three weeks in advance. If you would like to arrange a specialized workshop, additional notice may be required.
  • Workshops will not be held after December 10th during fall semester and after May 1st during spring semester.
  • We can provide you with a "master" for posters an we can provide RA's with flyers for students' mailboxes. Please ask.
  • To insure high attendance at hall programs, we encourage RA's to work in teams.
  • Workshops are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.