Enhancing the Career Development Process

Preparing students for life after Geneseo is a top priority for faculty and staff. Consider the following suggestions that can enhance the career development of our students.

  • Be aware of the wide range of services we offer and feel welcome to refer your students to us. Refer both "committed" and "uncommitted" students for assistance.
  • Reinforce to your advisees the value of addressing career concerns early in the college experience.
  • Encourage students to develop out-of-class activities to enhance their skills (the GOLD Program for example) and investigating career options, i.e. internships, directed studies, etc.
  • Not all classes lend themselves to specific careers, but when appropriate, consider allocating a portion of your syllabus to class projects or assignments that would foster career exploration.
  • When possible, provide students an opportunity to help you with your research.
  • Have you done consulting work off campus? If possible, encourage your clients to consider Geneseo graduates for entry-level opportunities. In addition, if you are aware of employers hiring, encourage them to contact Career Services to take advantage of electronic job postings and on-campus interviewing.
  • Bring students along with you to regional and national meetings, introduce them to your colleagues, and help them learn how to network.
  • Take every opportunity you can to inform graduate and professional schools of Geneseo's competitive environment.