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The SUNY Geneseo Career Development library offers students and alumni over 500 career-related resources. We have recently updated the library with new materials to bring you the most cutting-edge career-related information available.  From major-specific resources to resumes, cover letters, interview tips, and graduate school admissions prep, we have what you need!  Our staff invites you to relax and explore the resources located in our quiet and comfortable space, in Erwin 116 (to best serve all students, materials cannot be removed from our library; however, we would be happy assist you in copying anything you need). Below you will find an updated index of our current library resources.

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Vault Guide to the Top 50 Accounting Firms, 2013 EditionDerek Loosvelt2013AccountingOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top 20 Accounting Firms, UK EditionDerek   Loosvelt2009AccountingOnline PDF
Glossary of Job Descriptions for Accounting and FinanceRobert   Half2008Accounting8/25/2008
Vault Career Guide to AccountingJason   Alba, Manisha Bathija and Pavel Gorbaty2008AccountingOnline PDF
Great Jobs for Accounting MajorsGoldberg,   Jan2005Accounting4/29/2008
Vault Career Guide to AdvertisingPamela Fehl2014AdvertisingOnline PDF
Career Launcher: Advertising and Public RelationsStan Tymorek2010Adversiting/Public   RelationsOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Advertising and PR Employers, 2010   EditionAman Singh Das2009Adversiting/Public   RelationsOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to AdvertisingIra   Berkowitz2004Adversiting/Public   Relations5/8/2007
Careers in Advertising and Public Relations Wetfeet2011Advertising/Public   relations6/1/2013
Careers in Advertising and Public RelationsWet   Feet Guides2004Advertising/Public   Relations2/27/2006
Internships with America's Advertising Agencies 2004Advertising/Public   Relations12/12/2007
Vault Career Guide to Public RelationsPamela Fehl2014Advertising/Public   RelationsOnline PDF
Career Opportunities in Agriculture, Food and Natural   Resources Echaore-McDavid,   Susan2010Agriculture6/1/2013
Technology, Food & Agricultural Career CardsCornell   Agricultural Outreach and Education2009Agriculture5/5/2009
Starting and Running Your Own Small Farm BusinessSarah   Beth Aubrey2007Agriculture5/5/2009
Career Opportunities Working With Animals Shelly Field2011Animals6/1/2013
Vault Guide to Veterinary and Animal CareersLiz Stewart2008AnimalsOnline PDF
Careers with AnimalsEllen   Shenk2005Animals5/6/2008
The Anthropology Graduate's Guide: From Student to a Career Ellick, Carol J2010Anthropology6/1/2013
Great Jobs for Anthropology MajorsCamenson,   Blythe2005Anthropology4/29/2008
Career Opportunities in the Visual ArtsRichard   P. Clark & Pamela Fehl2006Art12/12/2006
Careers in Focus:  Design 2005Art2/27/2006
Great Jobs for Art MajorsCamenson,   Blythe2003Art2/27/2006
Careers in Art - An Illustrated GuideGerald   Brommer, Joseph Gatto1999Art5/9/2007
Vault Career Guide to Investment Management, European   Edition Adam   Epstein, Colin Richardson, Mary Phillips-Sandy2013Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top 25 Banking Employers, 2013 European EditionDerek Loosvelt2013Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top 50 Banking Employers, 2013 EditionDerek Loosvelt2013Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Career Launcher: FinanceSuzanne Northington2011Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Banking Employers, Asia Pacific EditionDerek Loosvelt2010Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
The Vault Guide to Private Equity, European EditionMarc   Kitten, Edward Fraser, and Jonas Golze2009Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking (European Edition)Tom   Lott, Richard Roberts, Derek Loosvelt and the staff of vault2009Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Middle Market Investment BankingJoe Bel Bruno2009Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Middle Market Investment BankingJoe Bel Bruno2009Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking, 2008 Asia Pacific EditionJung   B. Lee, Tom Lott, and the staff at Vault2008Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Investment ManagementAdam Epstein2008Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Private EquityMike Martinez2008Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Venture Capital, 4th EditionOleg   Kaganovich, James Currier, Joe Bel Bruno2008Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top 25 Investment Management EmployersDerek   Loosvelt2008Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Financial Services EmployersDerek Loosvelt2008Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Private Equity EmployersMichaela R. Drapes2008Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
View from the Top: Advice from Finance ProfessionalsAman Singh Das, Won   Kim2008Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Career Opportunities in Banking, Finance and InsuranceThomas   Fitch2007Banking/Finance5/26/2009
Vault Career Guide to Hedge FundsAditi   Davare, Holly Goodrich, Michael Martinez and the staff of Vault2007Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Hedge FundsAditi   Davare, Holly Goodrich, Michael Martinez and the staff of Vault2007Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Investment BankingTom Lott2007Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Sales and TradingGabriel Kim2007Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Private Wealth ManagementMike Martinez2006Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top 50 Banking EmployersDerek   Loosvelt2006Banking/Finance5/8/2007
Vault Guide to the Top Financial Services EmployersDerek   Loosvelt2006Banking/FinanceOnline PDF
Careers in FinanceRing,   Trudy2005Banking/Finance4/29/2008
Vault Guide to Investment BankingTom   Lott, Derek Loosvelt2005Banking/Finance5/8/2007
Opportunities in Banking CareersParadis,   Adrian2000Banking/Finance2/2/2006
Careers in Focus: Biology, 3rd Ed.Ferguson2011Biology6/1/2013
Life After...Biological SciencesLongson, Sally2007Biology6/1/2013
What Can You Do With a Major In BiologyBart   Astor2005Biology5/26/2009
Great Jobs for Biology MajorsCamenson,   Blythe2003Biology2/27/2006
Vault Guide to BiotechAnil K. Rao, Carole   Moussalli2009BiotechnologyOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to BiotechCarole   Moussalli2004Biotechnology5/8/2007
Vault Guide to the Top Pharmaceuticals & Biotech EmployersAman Singh Das2009Biotechnology/PharmOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Pharma & Biotech EmployersLaurie   Pasiuk2005Biotechnology/Pharm5/8/2007
Careers in Focus: Business, 3rd Ed.Ferguson2010Business6/1/2013
Global Business Etiquette:    A Guide to International Communication and CustomsJeanette   Martin, Lillian Chaney2008Business8/26/2008
Great Jobs for Business MajorsLambert, Stephen2008Business6/1/2013
Vault Guide to Actuarial CareersMike Martinez2007BusinessOnline PDF
Careers in BusinessStair,   Lila B.,Stair, Leslie 2006Business3/27/2008
Careers in Focus:    Business 2005Business2/27/2006
The Rochester Book of Lists - 2012Rochester   Business Journal2012Business/Economicsn/a
2007 Book of Lists (Crain’s New York Business) 2011Business/Economics4/11/2011
Book of Lists 2007, Boston Business Journal 2011Business/Economics4/11/2011
Book of Lists 2008, The (The Businsess Journal Central New York) 2011Business/Economics4/11/2011
Book of Lists, The (Washington DC) 2011Business/Economics4/11/2011
Buffalo Business First Book of Lists 2007 2011Business/Economics4/11/2011
The Lists 2013 - Rochester Business JournalRochester   Business Journal2011Business/Economics4/11/2011
Book of Lists 2008 (Charlotte) 2007Business/Economics5/6/2008
The Business School Buzz BookVault   Editors2007Business/Economics3/9/2007
Japanese Chamber of Commerce Industry of NY, Membership   Directory 2006Business/Economics5/2/2007
Vault Guide to the Top Business Services EmployersLaurie   Pasiuk2005Business/Economics5/8/2007
Book of Lists 2006-2007 (Atlanta) 2001Business/Economics10/17/2007
Vault/SEO Guide to Financial Services Diversity ProgramsAman Singh2009Business/FinanceOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Insurance EmployersLaurie   Pasiuk2005Business/Finance5/8/2007
Vault Guide to Sales & TradingGabriel   Kim2004Business/Finance5/8/2007
Careers in International BusinessHalloran,   Edward2003Business/Finance2/2/2006
Vault Career Guide to InsuranceKelly Kagamas Tomkies2014Business/InsuranceOnline PDF
10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College, Revised: The   Skills You Need to Succeed Coplin, Bill2012Career   Advice6/1/2013
150 Best Jobs for Your Skills, 2nd Ed Laurence Shatkin2012Career   Advice6/1/2013
College Students:  Do   This!  Get Hired!Mark   Lyden2009Career   Advice5/18/2009
How’d You Score That Gig?Alexandra   Levit2008Career   Advice5/21/2009
Career Wisdom for College StudentsPeter   Vogt2007Career   Advice8/16/2007
Getting from College to Career - 90 Things To Do Before You Join   the Real WorldLindsey   Pollak2007Career   Advice8/16/2007
View from the Top: Advice from Top Minority ExecutivesAngela Entzminger2007Career AdviceOnline PDF
First Job Survival Guide - How to Thrive & Advance in Your   New CareerDiane   Decker, Victoria Hoevemeyer, Marianne Rowe-Dimas2006Career   Advice2/28/2006
How to Get Any Job with Any MajorDonald   Asher2004Career   Advice4/13/2006
They Don’t Teach Corporate in CollegeAlexandra   Levit2004Career   Advice8/16/2007
10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in CollegeBill   Coplin2003Career   Advice8/16/2007
Don’t Wait Until You Graduate Luscher,   Keith2003Career   Advice3/2/2006
Occupational Outlook Handbook 2013-2014 US Dept. of Labor2012Career   Reference6/1/2013
Jobs for the FutureUS   News & World Report2009Career   Reference5/5/2009
Careers for Scholars and Other Deep ThinkersBlythe   Camenson2008Career   Reference8/25/2008
Great Jobs for Liberal Arts MajorsCamenson,   Blythe2008Career   Reference5/12/2008
Job Hunting OnlineBolles,   Richard Nelson2008Career   Reference6/5/2012
175 Best Jobs Not Behind a DeskMichael   Farr, Laurence Shatkin2007Career   Reference3/31/2008
Careers for Homebodies and Other Independent SoulsJan   Goldberg2007Career   Reference4/15/2011
The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional PeopleEikleberry,   Carol2007Career   Reference5/26/2009
The Complete Job Search Book for College StudentsRichard   Walsh2007Career   Reference8/26/2008
Careers for Extroverts & Other Gregarious TypesJan   Goldberg2006Career   Reference2/27/2006
Careers for Good Samaritans and Other Humanitarian Types, 3rd   ed.Eberts, Marjorie2006Career   Reference6/1/2013
Careers for Introverts & Other Solitary TypesBlythe   Camenson2006Career   Reference2/28/2006
From the Outside InBlank,   Renee, Slipp, Sandra2005Career   Reference8/25/2008
Human Rights Internship Book, The 2010Career   Reference9/15/2010
The Everything Alternative Careers BookMannion,   James2004Career   Reference2/28/2006
Job-Hunting on the InternetBolles,   Richard Nelson1998Career   Reference2/15/2006
Great Jobs for Chemistry MajorsRowh,   Mark2006Chemistry2/27/2006
Nontraditional Careers for ChemistsBalbes, Lisa M.2006Chemistry6/1/2013
Top 100 Computer and Technical CareersMichael   Farr2009Computers/Technology12/7/2009
Career Opportunities in the Internet, Video Games and MultimediaAllan   Taylor, James Robert Parish2007Computers/Technology6/1/2009
Careers in Focus: Computer & Video Game Design 2005Computers/Technology2/27/2006
Vault Guide to Technology CareersTod   Emko, Evan Koblentz2004Computers/Technology5/8/2007
Internships in New MediaGardner,   Garth2007Computers/Technology5/24/2007
Vault Career Guide to ConsultingEric   Chung, Jim Slepicka2007Consulting5/8/2007
Vault Career Guide to ConsultingLaura Walker, Eric   Chung2007ConsultingOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top 50 Consulting FirmsNaomi   Newman2006Consulting5/8/2007
The Vault Guide to the Top 25 Consulting Firms, 2013 European   EditionPhilip Stott2013Consulting-InternationalOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top 10 Consulting Firms, 2013 Asia Pacific   EditionPhilip Stott2013Consulting-InternationalOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Consulting: European EditionJim   Slepicka, Eric Chung, Philip Herrey and Eduardo Junco2007Consulting-InternationalOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top 50 Management and Strategy Consulting   Firms, 2013 EditionPhilip Stott2013Consulting-ManagementOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top 10 Technology Consulting Firms, 2013   EditionPhilip Stott2013Consulting-TechnologyOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top 25 Technology Consulting FirmsNaomi   Newman2006Consulting-Technology5/8/2007
Gallery of Best Cover Letters, 4th Ed David F Noble2012Cover   Letters6/1/2013
Knock 'em Dead Cover LettersYate, Martin2012Cover   Letters6/1/2013
Ready Made Job Search LettersLynn   Williams2009Cover   Letters5/28/2009
Gallery of Best Cover LettersDavid   Noble1999Cover   Letters2/13/2006
Great Jobs for Crimial Justice Majors  Criminal Justice6/1/2013
Career Launcher: Food ServicesKelly Kagamas Tomkies2010Culinary ArtsOnline PDF
Vault Guide to Culinary CareersBettina Fisher2009Culinary ArtsOnline PDF
CV Handbook: A curriculum vitae owner's manualWill   Coghill-Behrends & Rebecca Anthony2011Curriculum   Vitaen/a
How To Prepare Your Curriculum VitaeAcy   L. Jackson, Kathleen Geckeis2003Curriculum   Vitae11/16/2006
Resources for People with Disabilities Volumes I 2000Disability   Resources2/28/2006
Vault/INROADS Guide to Corporate Diversity ProgramsAman Singh2009DiversityOnline PDF
Great Jobs for Economics MajorsCamenson,   Blythe2007Economics3/27/2008
How to Develop a Professional Portfolio: A Manual for Teachers   (6th Edition)Campbell, Dorothy M.2013Education6/1/2013
Best Careers for Teachers: Making the Most of your Teaching   Degree LearningExpress   Editors2010Education6/1/2013
Career Launcher: EducationKen Mondschein2010EducationOnline PDF
Vault Guide to Education CareersJennifer Baker2008EducationOnline PDF
Working World:  Career in   International Education, Exchange and DevelopmentSherry   Mueller
Mark Overmann
"So What Are You Going to Do with That?": Finding Careers Outside Academia Basalla, Susan2007Education6/1/2013
What they didn't Teach you in Graduate School 2.0Paul Gray & David E. Drew2012Education10/6/2014
The PhD Handbook for the Academic Job SearchWill Coghill-Behrends & Rebecca Anthony2011Education10/6/2014
Behind the Academic Curtain: How to Find Success and Happiness with a PhDFrank F. Furstenburg2013Education10/6/2014
From Student to Scholar, A Candid Guide to becoming a ProfessorSteven M. Cahn2008Education10/6/2014
The Academic Job Search Handbook (4th Ed.)Julia Miller Vick & Jennifer S. Furlong2008Education10/6/2014
Career Opportunities in Education and Related ServicesSusan   Echaore-McDavid2006Education12/12/2006
Create Your Digital Portfolio:    The Fast Track to Career SuccessSusan   Amirian, Ed.D., Eleanor Flanigan, Ed.D.2006Education12/12/2006
Careers in Education Edelfelt, Roy2003Education6/1/2013
The Career Portfolio WorkbookSatterthwaite,   Frank, D’Orsi, Gary2003Education5/5/2009
101 Career Alternatives for TeachersGisler,   Margaret2002Education11/8/2012
How to Develop a Professional Portfolio: A Manual for TeachersCampbell;   Cignetti; Melenyzer; Nettles; Wyman2001Education3/2/2006
Opportunities in Speech-Language Pathology CareersPatricia   Larkins Hicks2007Education/Speech   Pathology3/31/2008
ISS Directory of Overseas Schools, The 2005Education/Speech   Pathology2/28/2006
Vault Career Guide to EnergyKelly Kagamas Tomkies2014EnergyOnline PDF
Career Launcher: EnergyKelly Kagamas Tomkies2011EnergyOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Energy, Oil and Gas EmployersAman Singh Das2009EnergyOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Energy EmployersLaurie   Pasiuk2005Energy5/8/2007
Careers in EngineeringGeraldine   Garner2009Engineering5/13/2010
The Vault Guide to Engineering Diversity ProgramsAman Singh2009EngineeringOnline PDF
The Vault Guide to the Top Engineering Firms, European EditionEli Lee2008EngineeringOnline PDF
Great Jobs for English MajorsDeGalan,   Julie, Lambert, Stephen2006English11/2/2006
What To Do With Your English or Communication DegreeRachel   Klein, Lisa Vollmer2007English/Communications5/28/2009
88 Money-Making Writing Jobs Bly, Robert2009English/Writing6/1/2013
Careers For Bookworms & Other Literary TypesMarjorie   Eberts, Margaret Gisler2009English/writing5/26/2009
Career Opportunities in WritingAllan   Taylor, James Robert Parish2006English/Writing12/12/2006
Vault Guide to Television Writing CareersDavid Kukoff2006English/WritingOnline PDF
The AWP Official Guide to Writing ProgramsFenza,   D.W, Bhatnagar, Supriya, Hilgeford, Kirsten, Addington, Carrie2004English/Writing3/1/2006
Careers for Writers & Others Who Have a Way With WordsBly,   Robert W.2003English/Writing2/27/2006
Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century: Innovation Across   the Nonprofit, Private, and Public SectorsLevenson Keohane,   Georgia2012Entrepreneur6/1/2013
Start Something That Matters Mycoskie, Blake2012Entrepreneur6/1/2013
Careers in Focus: Entrepreneurs 3rd Ed.Ferguson2009Entrepreneur6/1/2013
Green Jobs For a New Economy:    The Career Guide to Emerging OpportunitiesPeterson’s2009Environment1/11/2010
Vault Guide to Environmental CareersVault Editors2009EnvironmentOnline PDF
Vault Guide to Green ProgramsAman Singh2009EnvironmentOnline PDF
Career Opportunities in Conservation and the EnvironmentPaul   Greenland, AnnaMarie Sheldon2008Environment5/26/2009
Green CareersFrank   Marquardt2008Environment12/11/2008
Careers in the EnvironmentFasulo,   Michael, Walker, Paul2007Environment3/27/2008
Big Green Internship Book:    Internships and Summer Jobs for the Environment 1999, The 2004Environment5/20/2004
Career Launcher: FashionMonique Vescia2010FashionOnline PDF
Vault Guide to Fashion CareersMichaela Drapes2009FashionOnline PDF
Creative Careers in FashionDebbie   Hartsog2007Fashion5/28/2009
ART/WORK: Everything You Need to Know to Pursue Your Art   Career Bhandari, Heather   Darcy2009Fine   Arts6/1/2013
Careers for Culture Lovers & Other Artsy TypesEberts,   Marjorie, Gisler, Margaret2007Fine   Arts/Performing Arts9/17/2008
Teaching English Abroad 2013: Your Expert Guide to Teaching   English Around the WorldGriffith, Susan2012Gap   Year6/1/2013
The Gap-year Guidebook 2013: Everything You Need to Know About   Taking a Gap-year or Year Out Barnes, Jonathan2013Gap   Year6/1/2013
The Gap Year Guidebook 2011Alex   Sharratt2010Gap   Year4/15/2011
Teaching English AbroadGriffith,   Susan2009Gap   Year5/26/2009
Delaying the Real WorldColleen   Kinder2005Gap   Year9/17/2009
Taking a Gap YearSusan   Griffith2005Gap   Year8/19/2008
Practicing Geography:    Careers for Enhancing Society and the EnvironmentMichael   Solem, Kenneth Foote, Janice Monk2013Geographyn/a
Careers in Focus: GeologyFerguson 2011Geology6/1/2013
Great Jobs for Geology MajorsCamenson,   Blythe2007Geology3/27/2008
How To Land a Top-Paying Federal JobLily   Whiteman2012Government6/20/2012
Career Diplomacy: Life and Work in the US Foreign Service,   Second Edition Kopp, Harry W.2011Government6/1/2013
Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work, The Essential Guide to   the Foreign Service Dorman, Shawn2011Government6/1/2013
Government Jobs in New York 2010Government5/10/2010
Vault Guide to Government Agency CareersDr. John A. Sautter,   PhD, JD2009GovernmentOnline PDF
Washington InternshipsDeirdre   Martinez2009Government6/8/2009
Guide to America’s Federal JobsBruce   Maxwell & The Editors at JIST2005Government2/27/2006
Inside a U.S. EmbassyEdited   by Shawn Dorman2003Government4/13/2006
The Congressional Internship Book 2009-2011 2011Government1/12/2011
Vault Career Guide to U.S. Military CareersDr. John A. Sautter,   PhD, JD2010Government/MilitaryOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Government & Nonprofit EmployersMichaela Drapes2008Government/NonprofitOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Government & Non-Profit EmployersLaurie   Pasiuk2005Government/Nonprofit5/8/2007
Vault Career Guide to Capitol Hill CareersWilliam   McCarthy2003Government/Political   Science5/8/2007
Kaplan GRE Premier 2014 Kaplan2013Graduate   School Prep6/1/2013
Graduate Admissions Essays, Fourth Ed.Asher, Donald2012Graduate   School Prep6/1/2013
The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General TestETS2010Graduate   School Prep4/15/2011
Graduate Admissions Essays - Write Your Way Into the Graduate   School of Your ChoiceAsher,   Donald2008Graduate   School Prep8/26/2008
GRE Subject Test:    PsychologyKaplan2008Graduate   School Prep5/10/2012
Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Writing WorkbookThe   Staff of Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions2008Graduate   School Prep5/28/2009
Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Writing Workbook Kaplan2008Graduate   School Prep6/1/2013
Writing Skills for the GRE/GMAT Tests 2002Graduate   School Prep2/15/2006
Business School Buzz Book, 2010 EditionMegan   Cassidy, Carolyn C. Wise2009Graduate School   ResourcesOnline PDF
College Buzz BookMegan   Cassidy and Carolyn C. Wise2009Graduate School   ResourcesOnline PDF
College Career BibleVault Editors2009Graduate School   ResourcesOnline PDF
Complete Ivies Buzz BookCarolyn C. Wise2009Graduate School   ResourcesOnline PDF
How to Write the Perfect Personal StatementStewart, Mark Alan2009Graduate   School Resources6/1/2013
MBA Career BibleVault Editors2009Graduate School   ResourcesOnline PDF
Rising College Buzz BookCarolyn   C. Wise and Megan Cassidy2009Graduate School   ResourcesOnline PDF
Vault CGSM Guide to Business School DiversityCarolyn C. Wise2009Graduate School   ResourcesOnline PDF
Graduate and Professional Programs:  An Overview 2008Graduate   School Resources8/19/2008
Graduate Programs in Business, Education, Health, Information   Studies, Law and Social Work 2008Graduate   School Resources8/19/2008
Graduate Programs in Engineering and Applied Sciences 2008Graduate   School Resources8/19/2008
Graduate Programs in the Biological Sciences 2008Graduate   School Resources8/19/2008
Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 2008Graduate   School Resources8/19/2008
Graduate Programs in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics,   Agricultural Sciences, The Environment & Natural Resources 2008Graduate   School Resources8/19/2008
Peterson’s MBA Programs 2008Graduate   School Resources5/21/2009
The New York/Tri-State Area College Buzz BookCarolyn   C. Wise & Stephanie Hauser2008Graduate School   ResourcesOnline PDF
U.S. News & World Report 2014 America’s Best Graduate School 2014Graduate   School Resources11/8/2013
Getting In:  A   Step-by-Step Plan for Gaining Admission to Graduate School in PsychologyAmerican   Psychological Association2007Graduate   School Resources12/7/2009
The Top American Research UniversitiesJohn   V. Lombardi, Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Craig W. Abbey2007Graduate   School Resources5/19/2008
The Vault Graduate Career Atlas, UK editionSaba   Haider and the staff at the Vault2007Graduate School   ResourcesOnline PDF
Get Into Graduate School:    A Strategic Approach for Master’s and Doctoral Candidates 2006Graduate   School Resources8/26/2008
Getting Money for Graduate SchoolPeterson’s2002Graduate   School Resources3/1/2006
101 Careers in Healthcare ManagementFriedman   PhD MPH FACHE, Leonard2012Health   care6/1/2013
Health Care Careers Directory 2012-2013 American Medical   Association2012Health   care6/1/2013
Career Launcher: Health Care ManagementMarcia Horowitz2010Health careOnline PDF
Career Launcher: Health Care ProvidersSheila Buff2010Health careOnline PDF
Careers in Focus: Medical Technicians and Technologists, 5th EdFerguson2009Health   care6/1/2013
Vault Guide to Allied Health Care CareersLaura Walker Chung2009Health careOnline PDF
Vault Career Guide to Health Care ManagementPaul Cohen2008Health careOnline PDF
Career Opportunities in Health CareShelly   Field2007Health   care3/27/2008
Opportunities in Hospital Administration CareersSnook,   I. Donald2007Health   care3/27/2008
Careers for History Buffs & Others Who Learn from the PastCamenson,   Blythe2008History5/21/2009
Great Jobs for History MajorsDeGalan,   Julie, Lambert, Stephen2008History5/12/2008
History Internship Book 2011, The 2011History1/12/2011
Opportunities in Museum CareersCamenson,   Blythe2007History/Museum3/27/2008
What To Do With Your History or Political Science DegreeSarah   Dunham, Lisa Vollmer2007History/Political   Science5/26/2009
Career Launcher: HospitalityKirsten   Hall and Christian Schulz2010HospitalityOnline PDF
Career Opportunities in Travel and HospitalityJennifer   Bobrow Burns2010Hospitality4/15/2011
Vault Guide to the Top Hospitality & Tourism Industry   EmployersMichaela   Drapes and Nicholas R. Lichtenberg2008HospitalityOnline PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Hospitality and Tourism Industry   EmployersLaurie   Pasiuk2005Hospitality 5/8/2007
Opportunities in Event PlanningBlythe   Camenson2003Hospitality 2/27/2006
Careers in Social and Rehabilitation ServicesGarner,   Geraldine O.2008Human   Services5/21/2009
Making a Living While Making a Difference: The Expanded Guide to   Creating Careers with a ConscienceEverett,   Melissa2007Human   Services3/27/2008
Opportunities in Social Science CareersMarek,   Rosanne2004Human   Services2/27/2006
Opportunities in Gerontology and Aging Services CareersWilliams,   Ellen2003Human   Services2/27/2006
Careers in International AffairsSchool   of Foreign Service2008International5/26/2009
International Voluntary WorkPybus,   Victoria2007International5/2/2007
Work Your Way Around the WorldGriffith,   Susan2007International5/28/2009
International JobsNina   Segal, Eric Kocher2003International3/31/2008
Vault Career Guide to International DevelopmentChristopher Miller2009International Online PDF
Vault Guide to the Top Asia Pacific EmployersRobin Ngai2009International Online PDF
Vault/Peking University Guide to High End Careers in China -   English Language VersionVault Editors2009International Online PDF
The Vault Guide to the Top German EmployersEli Lee2008International Online PDF
The Vault Guide to the Top UK EmployersSaba   Haider & Nicole Kobilansky2008International Online PDF
The Vault Guide to Top French EmployersSaba Haider2008International Online PDF
The Vault Guide to Top Spanish EmployersSaba Haider2008International Online PDF
Intern NationPerlin,   Ross2012Internships6/20/2012
Vault   Guide to Top Internships 2011 EditionVault Editors2011InternshipsOnline PDF
Vault   Guide to Top InternshipsSamer Hamadeh & Mark Oldman2007Internships11/9/13
Internships   with America’s Top Companies2009Internships10/4/2009
The   Essential Phone Interview Handbook Bailo, Paul2011Interviews6/1/2013
301 Best   Questions to Ask on Your Interview, 2nd Ed.Kador, John2010Interviews6/1/2013
101   Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions Fry, Ron2009Interviews6/1/2013
Acing   the InterviewTony Beshara2008Interviews5/28/2009
Ditch   the Flip-Flops:  Ace Your Interview   Fresh Out of CollegeSylvia Landy2007Interviewsn/a
Nail the   Job Interview!: 101 Dynamite Answers to Interview QuestionsKrannich, Caryl2007Interviews6/1/2013
Competency   Based InterviewsRobin Kessler2006Interviews12/7/2009
Vault   Guide to Finance InterviewsBhatawedekhar, D., Jacobson, Dan2005Interviews10/17/2007
Vault   Guide to the Case InterviewAsher, Mark, Chung, Eric2005Interviews10/17/2007
Nail the   Job Interview!Krannich, Caryl & Ron2003Interviews2/27/2006
201 Best   Questions to Ask on Your InterviewKador, John2002Interviews2/27/2006
101   Great Answers to the Toughest Interview QuestionsFry, Ron2000Interviews2/27/2006
Great   Interview - Successful Strategies for Getting HiredEyre, Vivian, Osen, Diane,   Williams, Jennifer2000Interviews2/27/2006
Vault   Case Interview Practice Guide 2: More Case InterviewsRishi Marwah , Sridhar   Parameshwaran, Robert Vujovich2008Interviews: Case Online PDF
Vault   Guide to the Case InterviewMark Asher, Eric Chung2007Interviews: Case Online PDF
Vault   Guide to Finance InterviewsD. Bhatawedekhar, Dan Jacobson,   Hussam Hamadeh, William Jarvis2012Interviews: FinanceOnline PDF
Vault   Guide to Private Equity and Hedge Fund InterviewAlice Doo2007Interviews: FinanceOnline PDF
Vault   Finance Interviews Practice GuideDavid Montoya, Jennifer Voitle2012Interviews: Finance Online PDF
Great   Jobs for Foreign Language MajorsDeGalan, Julie, Lambert, Stephen2007Languages8/26/2008
Translator’s   Handbook 1997, TheSofer, Morry2006Languages1/10/2007
Opportunities   in Foreign Language CareersWilga M. Rivers2005Languages11/2/2006
Practice   Perspectives: Vault’s Guide to Legal Practice AreasRachel Marx Boufford, Esq.2013LawOnline PDF
Vault   Guide to Law Firm Pro Bono Programs, 2013 EditionRachel Marx Boufford, Esq.2013LawOnline PDF
Career   Launcher: LawAmy Hackney Blackwell2010LawOnline PDF
Vault   Guide to the Top Greater China Law Firm PracticesRobin Ngai & Zach Reff2010LawOnline PDF
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View   From The Top: Advice from Leaders in Law, UK EditionAman Singh Das2010LawOnline PDF
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    Lisa Vollmer
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    Richard McDavid
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