CAS Mission, Vision, and Values

We will have a positive effect on the lives of all who engage our community, students, faculty, guests, staff and friends of the college.


Our pursuit of excellence will reinforce SUNY Geneseo's reputation as a world-class educational experience and a cornerstone in the local community.


We Value People

Our people are the life of our organization.  We are committed to continuously developing our employees and look to improve our processes and standards, which create a shared responsibility to provide a safe work environment.

  • We ensure that voices are heard as part of our success planning and execution.
  • We develop their talents around our Core Competencies and celebrate their accomplishments.
  • We build strong communication channels and effective performance standards.

We Pursue Excellence

The purpose in our work is to provide a service-oriented culture where our campus community can come together while pursuing academic excellence.

  • We eliminate mediocrity in every part of our business, and take pride in our work.
  • We reward and celebrate excellence as part of our operating standards.
  • We hold ourselves and one another accountable.

We Embrace Diversity

We believe, without exception, in the notion that people who come from varied backgrounds and who have ideas and beliefs that are new to the way we think are key to our success.

  • We learn from and respect one another.
  • We learn from and respect those we serve.
  • We build a thoughtful and inclusive environment.

We Lead with Integrity and Accountability

We are respectful and forthright with the people we serve and those that we work with.

  • We hold ourselves and our company responsible for the behavior that is necessary to instill trust within our team, within our campus community and with our business partners.

We Grow Through Continuous Improvement

We encourage creativity and firmly embrace change while respecting what has been established and staying true to ourselves.

  • We grow through practice.
  • We grow through process.
  • We grow through a collaborative culture.