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Dining Updates Fall 2021

Fall Menu Updates & Improvements

We are very happy to be back on campus and reconnecting with the community! We've been faced with some real challenges while getting back to a "new normal" as we continue to navigate COVID-19 and related impacts. We are dealing with regional and national supply and staffing shortages, and we empathize with the reality and the frustrations of our customers. CAS is determined to persevere and continue to make improvements as challenges are presented. We will continue to keep our customers informed through measures such as this website, weekly updates to students, and frequent updates in social media, online menus, and digital signage. Below is a list of menu improvements as they occur and will be ongoing. Please continue to reach out directly to and provide us with your feedback. We do value your input!

Week of, 9/13:

  • Starting Saturday, 9/18: A continental breakfast will be available in Mary Jemison (MJ) every Saturday, starting at 9AM
  • Coffee has been added to Mary’s in MJ as a retail offering
  • Additional offerings are available at Clean Eats in Red Jacket
  • Kosher/Clean eats meals have been moved to a readily accessible cooler in MJ for Grab & Go
  • New heat lamps and service vessels are being added to all stations at MJ
  • Gluten-friendly bagels and bread are available at breakfast at MJ
  • Coming soon: we will be offering smoothies from Mary’s as part of the unlimited dining plan

Reminder: starting this year, MJ has been open Monday-Friday at 7:30AM. Please check our hours of operation page for more details.

Week of, 9/6:

  • We have added tofu and hummus to salad bars as a daily option
  • We increased our produce ordering in RJ to ensure that salad greens, dressings, and salad toppings remain in stock
  • We have added additional lunch items at Clean Eats in Red Jacket, with the plan being to establish a weekly cycle of menu options
  • We are offering a rotation menu of poke bowls and bento boxes at lunch daily as part of the unlimited dining plan at Twisted Fork in Red Jacket
  • We have adjusted the online menu to display the stations and better guide students to desired menu options and allergen-free alternatives
  • On Monday the 13th, we will offer a Birthday Smoothie special at Mary’s, to celebrate the College’s 150th anniversary
  • We offer multiple items on wraps at Mary's. Double meats, double cheeses, and other combinations are available upon request

Starting Friday, 9/3:

  • Pre-packaged Kosher meals became available within unlimited dining at both Red Jacket and Mary Jemison

Starting Wednesday, 9/1:

  • A salad bar was added to Mary Jemison unlimited dining for lunch and dinner
  • Mary’s Deli wraps and salads became part of unlimited dining options; please note that smoothies are still part of the retail program

Starting Monday, 8/30:

  • To-go containers are readily available at the cashier’s stands
  • Clean Eats entrées (food that is free from the top 8 allergens) are available at Mary Jemison within the unlimited dining area
  • Increased vegetable and side dish options at Mary Jemison stations (grains, plain steamed vegetables)
  • Added whole fruit to Red Jacket and Mary Jemison
  • Added chicken fingers and fries at lunch and dinner at Mary Jemison
  • Adjusted menus in both Mary Jemison and Red Jacket to ensure availability of food during busy periods