Enjoy your favorite beverages while eliminating waste!

The G-Bottle is a reusable bottle that prevents waste and saves you money! Simply pay one time for the bottle, and receive a semester's worth of fills. You can refill your G-Bottle at any Coca~Cola Freestyle machine on campus (featuring 100+ flavors of flavored and sparkling water and soft drinks, including customizable options.)

CAS offers a good-all-semester plan, which includes unlimited beverage pours at any Freestyle machine on campus all semester long for just $39.99. Not only will you be contributing to our sustainability efforts, but your new bottle will pay for itself in less than a month!

CAS is passionate about innovation and sustainability; that's why we worked hard to bring the G-Bottle to campus. Help us reduce waster with your new G-Bottle, available for purchase at Letchworth or Red Jacket Dining Complex.