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Daniel Jacques

Instructional Support Specialist, Stockroom and Safety Manager
ISC 329A

Daniel has been a professional with the Department of Chemistry since 2011. He was awarded the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service in 2017. 

Daniel currently serves on the American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee for Chemical Safety as an Associate, and has since 2018.

Visit the Chemistry Stockroom Staff page for additional information.


Daniel Jacques specializes in and innovates the implementation of both regulatory and pedagogical topics of laboratory safety and chemical hygiene in academic settings. As a campus laboratory safety manager, he has developed multiple college STEM safety programs and training seminars; highlights include Geneseo's online hazardous waste documentation program, the campus chemical hygiene plan, and course- and job specific laboratory safety right-to-know training for academic lab students and stockroom students throughout the department, as well as Geneseo support staff and professionals.  


Daniel has authored the Chemistry Stockroom Website and the safety information and documentation helpful for academic labs in Chemistry.

Daniel also manages Geneseo's Safezone and LGBTQ webpages.