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The heart of the Center for Inquiry, Discovery and Develpment is to create and foster defining experiences that build on Geneseo's transformational academic and extracurricular programs through exploration of new avenues of learning and personal developments.  Students will have lasting impact and leave a legacy, through their projects, that we can all benefit from.


The CIDD programming encourages students to question past traditional answers and to create new or different soulutions to personal, local and/or global issues. The CIDD, as a physical location, is a center for discussion and dialogue between colleagues that will increase awareness, inspiration and the area of inquiry.


The CIDD seeks to provide a dynamic program of learning experiences that expand world perspectives and builds upon Geneseo’s strong liberal arts foundation. Our program is characterized by purpose, curiosity, possibility, the spanning of boundaries and the pursuit of ideas of consequence.


The CIDD engages individuals in business, industry, government, the arts, etc. who are shaping our society with Geneseo students and faculty to develop, oversee and carry out programming. Five areas of endowed programs are identified with the potential for more programs emerging over time. 

Our Alumni Partners

Our alumni community also continues to volunteer in support of the students and faculty working together on campus today. Through the efforts of our Alumni Council and other volunteer groups, we are enabling the transformative experiences that take place every day in our classrooms, studios and labs and on our playing fields and stages. We encourage classmates, teammates, sorority sisters and fraternity brothers to join us in supporting the College; we host and attend events all over the country; and we help current students gain access to internships and jobs.

View a listing of our 2015-16 Community Cabinet Members (.pdf)

View a listing of our 2015-16 Global Council Members (.pdf)